Do you have children who are lost? (Christian's)?

Do you have children or a loved one who is a lost sheep. let us all Fast and Pray for them Sunday morning at 11.30 am Let us Pray that the Lord God Almighty Brings them Home, and Pray for all these non belivers that God will touch them, In Jesus Christ name amen, God Bless you all.


Tina if you don't understand the question, than don't answer, why are you answering anyway your not a Christian,

Update 2:

It is so amazing and sad that almost all of you who answered are the ones who have a problem with my question, You clearly are lost and don't want to be found in Christ, all I can say woe to you, because some day you will bow down and confess, whether you want to or not, it is sad that you have to be so blind and hostile for no reason at all, why get affended, but than you all get affended for every thing , God Bless I will still pray for all of you any way

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    So, it is in my Calender that we will fast with for ours and each others children who are lost and/or physically missing, as my son Benjamin is. I haven't heard anything from him since 31st of May last year..

    He has been missing for almost a year now.

    He is 19 and brought him up in the ways of the Lord, as much as I could under some circumstances.

    And He was baptized, He visited a witch over east (my mother) and came back making it clear he was an atheist.

    I miss him Soo much!

    Yes on the 3rd of March 2008, lets seek The Mother-Heart of Yahweh, re; our children, knowing loves them more than we can ever and desires not one be lost, but to come to salvation.

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    I would love to do as you ask ... it's a most worthwhile endeavor. However, most Christians are in church worshiping God at that time. Our services begin with Sunday School at 9:30 and the Worship hour at 10:30.

    May I suggest another time perhaps in the evening after the hustle bustle has quieted down some.

    I pray daily for the ones in my family and friends who have yet to accept the Lord's death, burial, and resurrection as being sufficient for their salvation.

    If you decide to pick another time, please let me know and I'll be with you all the way.

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    Were all Lost sheep in some form or another..Depends to what extreme.. You addition was well wrote Deezee... Remember what Jesus said'' I will send you out as like Sheep amongst Wolves'' You can see the truth in that all the time on this site..Theres no shortage of Ravenous Wolves who attack the word of Christ at every turn .. Let their answers bare witness against them when they face Jesus in the after life....

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    Dear Sister, anytime the Lord moves you to do something satan is going to be there.The greater the task, the greater the adversity. I will gladly join you in this fast. While were at it lets add these here to our list of prayers. God Bless You and be courageous, our Father is The King......

    Please pray for my son Cody

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    Yes, dearest Sister in Christ..I do have precious family members that are not yet in a loving relationship with our Beloved Savior! However as long as they are still breathing...there is always hope!

    I pray for them daily! However I always appreciate ANY prayer offered up on my behalf, or for my family!!

    Thank you with all my heart!

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    I am a lost sheep and I appreciate the thought I will pray that you don't judge me or the other ewes or rams or kids. i will also pray for your prayer at 11.29 to make sure God is listening.

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    My brother was lost. He is an agnostic/ christian leaning. Key word "WAS".


    Damn, why the thumbs down? It is true and he was lost, now he is happy and doing great. He will never go back to the place that he was before.

    Oh Deezee, you may say a prayer for him so that he will continue to be found.

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    This kind of offends me. "all these non-believers" .. that's just, rude to me..

    Don't pass judgement, isn't that like.. a big part of christianity?

    But to answer your question, No i have no children.. so, therefore.. they are not lost. && My loved ones are not lost sheep either.

    God Bless You

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    My children are human beings... not sheep to be mindlessly herded.

    Edit: This is an open forum. I will respond to what I choose. If you do not like it, you can find a site that only allows Christians to respond. I did understand your question, all too well.

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    Why does someone think they can tell if another person is "lost?"

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