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Why are Sumo-wrestlers sooo... amazingly... FAT?

No offense intended... but that stuff doesn't look like muscle to me!

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    Because their sport is based on the fact of whether they can move or throw down the other guy first. It would be a lot easier to knock down a guy who isn't as big as they are.

    If I remember correctly the Big Show LOST to Akebono in a sumo match even though he was taller and by your definition had more "muscle."

    Each sport (and martial art for that matter) builds their people up differently depending on what their primary goal is:

    - Boxers tend to have very fast and powerful hands with a lot of endurance to last all the rounds.

    - Wrestlers are strong (not necessarily full of muscle though) so they are able to lift and slam their opponents.

    - Kung Fu fighers tend to be smaller with a lot of agility, so they can pound their opponents with fast strikes and so they can quickly avoid being hit themselves.

    In that respect Sumo wrestlers are big, heavy and very hard to move. Not because they are fat and lazy, but its what their art calls for.

    Source(s): Many, many books on different martial arts and plenty of experience to go with it.
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    Sumo wrestlers consume MASSIVE amounts of food...what they eat in one meal would equate to what a "normal" person eats in a single day, if not more. Depending on their rank within the stable, rikishi will eat up to four meals a day from a very strict and controlled diet designed to put on wieght quickly, allowing them to be more competitive. Some stables (that is what Sumo wrestling complexes are called) allow students to beging training at young ages, but the average life expectancy for Sumo wrestlers is about 10-15 years shorter than that of the average Japanese male.

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    """he winner of a sumo bout is either:

    1. The first wrestler to force his opponent to step out of the ring.

    2. The first wrestler to force his opponent to touch the ground with any part of his body other than the bottom of his feet.

    """ ~ wikipedia

    An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. a sumo-wrestler is a large object.

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    The way that they eat, the way that they train is all with the design of making them more difficult to move.

    Sumo may not look incredibly strong (if you're looking for "pretty" muscle), but the best of them are a handfull for even a group of men to move.

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    In that type of wrestling, body weight is the best advantage.

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    The weight is to make them hard to budge. One foot outside

    the ring and they've lost the match.

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    Because it's a sport for fat people! Besides, who ever said that it was muscle?

  • I would say because it helps them in their matches.

    it is essential if they want to have success

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    its a question of weight ratios not a question of where he grips it....

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    they need teh body weight to win

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