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Transfer college credits to the U.K.?

Where can I find information on the transferability of Canadian college credits (courses) to the U.K. (London)?

I'm in college in Canada now and wish to move there, but I'm having a hard time finding such information.

Thank you.

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    u choose the uni / college u wanna go to and then write to them via email and see if its acceptable. they will let u know within 2 weeks if its transferable. tell them what u did and scan your results. write a nice polite cover letter and chances r they will accept u


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    The website of the university you want to will probably have information on transferability of credits. For example, I'm going to school in London next year after completing my A.A. in the U.S., and according to the website of my school-to-be, this is fully transferable. Note that since a degree in the UK only takes 3 (more intensive) years of study, even if you've already gone to school for two years and completed your associate's degree, you'll still have two years to go at your UK school.

    Check out the school's website - the information will probably be under 'International Students', and then something like "Information by Country". Go to Canada and find the bit about admissions and applicability of credits earned.

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