Fastest, lightest, and most compact paintball marker for under $1300?

hey i have a few bucks to spend and i was just seeing pretty much what you fantasy is for under $1300. thanks


srry that was supposed to be what was your dream marker for under $1300

Update 2:

also if you could maybe list a marker that costs under $1000

Update 3:

also i found a new angel one for $650 and was wondering if that, even though it is harder to work on, would be faster, lighter, and more compact (or any of those) thanks.

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    Well there's not much that cost's more than 1300... but I personally think the best gun is the Marq Closer. It comes with everything, including an after market board. It weighs less than two pounds, has FOUR eyes, never ever breaks paint with the pillow bolt, dead accurate, and stupid quiet. Plus it will crank in excess of 36 bps if you get it the right hopper. That's just unnecessary. There IS more expensive guns, but I don't think they are all that great. Dm's haven't had much improvement in the last couple years, Ego's have more kick. are louder, and are less accurate, and Angels are WAY harder to work on. Shocker's are good, but they just aren't up to par with the Marq CLOSER. Make sure it's the closer if you want the best. For 1300 you can get it laser engraved or whatever the heck you fancy.

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    1 decade ago

    For less than $1300, I would go with Skyler's recommendation, a Marq Closer.

    For less than $1000, I would buy either a DM7 or an ETek -- both new of course.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would suggest the Planet Eclipse EGO. Its just personal preference though. 36 balls a second wont matter if you are playing in any serious tournaments as you are normally capped at 15 bps.

  • Strac
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    1 decade ago

    i would go with dm7 and ive heard that the mini's were good but they dont look too durable if i was rich and didnt care about the money i would dfinatly go with the Bob Long Marq Closer 6 good reliable company and gun

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would go for an Invert Mini, Ion, PMR, or Ego. Check them out on

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