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Best destruction build for a warlock ? (WoW)?

i was talking to a fellow warlock and he told me that there was this build 0/21/40 for the warlock thats supposed to be really good but you need pretty decent i have the gear and i made a build myself just if anyone could show me or give me any pointers on where to put my points thatd be awesome. My build would be (its just an example) ->

i was thinking of taking out the 5 points in shadow and flame and going 5/21/35 (for the instant cast corruption) tips, thoughts, ideas would be great (also show me an example of the build you made/changed for it to be better) thank you :D

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    As a fellow lock (pwnge), I can tell you it really depends on what you want to do in the game. Here are some common combonations: 41 Affliction/ 20 Destruction, 41 Demonology, 20 Affliction, 51 Destruction, 10 Affliction.

    Demonology: Mainly PvP, not really good for raids

    Affliction: Some PvP, Good for raids (Hybrid)

    Destruction: Crap PvP, Awesome for raiding (25ms lov ya)

    hope that helped bra

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    My apologies, I cant go on your link from school computers, but I have a 70 warlock and for best raid running, I would suggest you go affliction. Give me about 40 minuites, I'll post you again showing the build I would use.

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    Gonna get soooooo many opinions on this it will only create confusion. I think the thing to do is run battle grounds and watch until to see someone that is really effective using a play style you like. Ask them what battle group they are from and afterwards look them up in the Armory and simply copy their build. It is at least a starting place.

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    you extremely do not opt to unsolicited mail destruction. Use a lot of DoTs (it really is what warlocks are equipped for) and the reason it sucks up your mana is because that is shadow bolt. you do not favor to unsolicited mail it. in basic terms deliver your puppy in, DoT the sucker till your hand hurts and then both solid shadow some circumstances or use your wand. and remember to apply the spell to get soul shards!

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    Ah, Can't help you there. I'm a Warlock but I'm Affliction 43/8/10 Sorry. Ah depends on what your going for, certain spec would be better for certain things BG/Arena and what not.


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    For raiding, go affliction, destro is no very viable till you get yo tier 6 and begin getting more spell crit, for PvP for bg's go demon/Fg spec, and for arena go sl/sl or whatever your team wants you to be.

  • this is my build for raiding. (I posted earlier) Good luck!

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    Well, I think that you should really have gotten shadowfury... demonic sacrifice isn't nearly as good as it.

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    MANA you noob

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