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What are the chances of a plane crashing?

My sister is getting married in July, in Jamaica. Everyone really wants me to go, and so do I but I am petrified of planes. I used to go on planes a lot when I was younger traveling with my family, but now I feel very uneasy with flying.

What are the chances of my plane crashing?

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    One in a billion just about!

    A calculation was done a while back and although I've forgotten the exact figure, it was calculated to be guaranteed to be in an aircraft crash, you would have to fly 10 hours, every day, for around about 10,000 years straight - only in that amount of time would you be guaranteed to the chance is virtually nil.

    Every day, thousands, millions of flights fly safely - you never hear about them basically because there's nothing to tell you - they were safe!

    I'm a professional pilot and trust me...the systems in place to make sure pilots are safe and planes are safe are absolutely unbelievable. We are tested and retested all the time, our entire careers. Captains on airliners require a minimum of thousands of flight hours - and are still watched like hawks to make sure they're safe! We all have annual medicals - and if there is ANYthing at all that could even be a slight risk, we're grounded until it's sorted - bad luck if we don't like it.

    Pilots who take risks are not given second chances - they are sacked and never manage to be re-employed. Those who even get into the airlines are the best - I'm applying at the moment to become an airline pilot and you wouldn't believe the amount of work I have to do to be up to standard - and then how much to be allowed to fly...and thats just as a co-pilot!

    We literally study for years...and those of us who are good and smart study extra things. We understand and learn and are examined on everything - we have to know the weather, every last system, we have to understand psychology and the human body, navigation, law, aerodynamics, every last thing that could ever affect a flight we have to know - and sit exams on. The exams are hard - and you only pass if you know it - and well!

    The actual flying standards to be awarded a commercial licence are impeccable - you basically have to fly perfectly. Make one mistake - and the flight test is cancelled when you go for it! I worked hard and got through first go - many, many people don't.

    Flying is now the safest form of transport in the world. You're at more risk driving to the airport...honestly. :-) Every single accident that has happened is studied for years to learn what went wrong - laws and rules are made to prevent it ever happening again. Journals of flight crash investigations are made public - I have a library of them myself which I've read and understood in depth - to make sure I too, don't make those mistakes.

    Aircraft design is the same. When a plane is designed, it's just about torn apart in the testing - to see what it can stand. It's put through forces that are unbelievable - and if it doesn't stand up to it? It goes back to the engineers and they build it again - until it does. Each individual plane is put together bolt by bolt - and guess what? Each bolt is recorded on a computer - and double and triple checked. Every wire. Every switch :-) the engineering is unbelievably safe.

    Although I can't say "it won't happen"...simply, it won't. Everything is in the way to stop it - and you'll be safe...I promise.

    If I can help more, please email me - I'm happy to hear from you :-)

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    I really cannot believe what the rest of the people commented. Imagine those people from MH370, MH17, Germanwings 9525 searched this up before and found relieve from these comments here. It's still a fact that there's a small chance that the undesirable will happen.I'm scared of taking planes too, but there's always a way around it. There's the cruise, there's the bus. It's long hours, but hey, if the plane happens to....., you'd be thankful as hell in that bus or ship. Don't compensate time with safety. Plane saves time, but I prefer to sacrifice my time rather than my life.

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    I would honestly have to say you literally have more of of a chance dying by getting hit in the head with a coconut on the beach then you do of your plane crashing. You have absolutely nothing to worry about and if your still nerous just choose an airline that hasn't had any crashes there are many of them out there. Also Im not sure if your scared of water but a cruise is always an option.

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    theres like no chance of an airplane crashing

    think about it, every plane crash is on the news, and how often do you see that stuff on the news

    plus, its you sister, family, would you bail on them becuase of a fear?


    to help with your fear, find something that makes you less afraid or helped you be less afraid when you were a kid

    like a blanket

    and if it helps, close your eyes thru the whole thing

    get one of your friends to come with you to help you fly

    and you only have to do it once

    once ur on the airplane, ur there and make sure you have that friend to keep you on

    you have to deal with the fear eventually now is better than later

    hope that helps and you get to be with your sister when she gets married

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    So small that you shouldn't worry. Some people are saying that you have smaller chances to crash if you are going to travel in a jumbo jet. So think big!

  • 0.00000000001% Some airlines, like Qantas have NEVER lost a plane. Don't worry. You'll be lucky (or unlucky..) enough to even get turbulence

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    If its one of the 25 best airlines, the odds are something like 1 in 10,000,000.

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    what he said

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