Cyst on neck?

I have a cyst on the back of my neck and its not going away. Ive already been to the doctor and they gave me a prescription to Amox 875MG. Ive been taking 2 a day like the bottle says for about a week so far and its not doing anything!!!

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    It sounds like a sebaceous cyst.

    A sebaceous cyst is a closed sac occurring just under the skin which contains a "pasty" or "cheesy" looking substance. A foul odor is also often present in the substance called keratin which fills sebaceous cysts. Keratin is a protein that creates the sac of cells called sebaceous cysts. The bumps or lumps you can feel under your skin are actually the sac of cells.

    Sebaceous cysts are often the result of swollen hair follicles, or skin trauma.

    If the antibiotic doesn't work, your Dr. can give you a local anesthetic & lance or excise it in the office. Very straight forward outpatient/office procedure normally. Good luck!

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    The antibiotic would help if the cyst were the result of an infection, like a super pimple. In your case, you may simply have a garden variety sebaceous cyst which won't be affected. You can opt to have it removed with a minor surgical procedure, or learn to live with it if it's not painful. You can also try applying heat to see if it will not drain on it's own. Being a cyst, it can drain itself sometimes, although it will likely refill again. The procedure to remove it can permanently solve the problem if the entire cyst is removed. But if you have a tendency to form cysts, it can also simply reform. And if the cyst is not removed intact, it will likely return. Just go back to see the doctor after you finish the antibiotic and get things re-evaluated, then weigh up the options.

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    I have cyst on the left side of my neck and I have had it for years but the doctor said that it could be dangers to remove it because of all the veins in the neck but it bothers me now just because I notice it more than I did before but not sure what to do. any advice would be helpful. I am 50 years old and been smoking for34 yeas to long.

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    My neighbor, 48 years old and a smoker, had a cyst on his neck.. ( what appeared to be) .. He went to urgent care where there was a biopsy done and it was cancer. Its source was in the left tonsil. It is only when the cyst grew that it was further researched. You may want to check it out- Good Luck

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