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Teaching abroad?

In a few years I will have graduated with a teaching degree and I'm hoping to teach abroad. Will my husband be able to come with me? What about children? has anyone taught abroad and had their spouse come with them?

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    I currently teach at an American school in Asia. Most of the teachers here have families, including children, who are able to attend the school for free. However, in most cases, both members of the couple are teachers, not just one. Depending on local laws, your spouse may not be able to work, so unless he has some sort of tele-commuting job, or a trust fund, you will probably not earn enough for a family to live on.

    Additionally, almost all international schools, at least the good ones, require a couple years of teaching experience in the States. The two largest placement agencies are Search Associates and ISS. I used Search Associates when I got my first overseas job and they were great to work with.

    Source(s): I am a high school English teacher living in Asia
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