I want to run away with someone. I live in Alabama, and want to go to South Carolina.?

I need someone who isn't older than like 17 or 18 and preferably a female. I want to go to South Carolina. I'm scared to do it alone, because it will never work, I can't even drive. Please don't tell me not to do this because I have thought about it long and hard and for some people this is the answer. How do I keep the cops from finding me? Please I just need someone who wants to start over, I know lots of people in South Carolina that can help us get a place to stay and stuff like that. Anyways please help me get out of here!

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  • Shaula
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    1 decade ago
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    It is not the police you have to worry about. Female and 17...there are a lot of predators out there...is your present situation so bad that you want to risk you life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The police are pretty smart. You can hide for awhile (but they will eventually), or forever if you have no one to report you missing. But if you didn't have anyone then you wouldn't be running away.

    Its rough, the road you are choosing. What about money? SMH. You know people who would risk their freedom by harboring a runaway? You are already in trouble though if you are soliciting on the internet for a ride. If you can't learn to get on the greyhound and get to South Carolina then you don't need to go.

    Go to a shelter in your town or the next one over and do it the legal way. That way you will have a meal, a bed, and not be running from the cops. They will put you in a home but you can leave legally when you are ready and you won't be in the situation you are now.

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  • 1 decade ago

    why do you want to run away?

    anyways, been there and done that.

    the police will be able to track you down, trust me.

    and running away when you have no means of your own

    makes you a HUGE burden on anyone who is going

    to be helping you out or taking care of you.

    my advice, don't do it.

    you can instant message me if you'd like 'cause from what

    you said, it sounds like we're around the same age

    and i've been there before :]

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  • 1 decade ago

    Good luck,but if I were in your shoes I'd take the Military route and get the chance to not just live on my own but to earn money and get a trade training..

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  • 1 decade ago

    You really need to talk to someone to get some help. You must be running away from something. You can't always run away from your problems. Good luck.

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