Adding power steering fluid - Toyota Sienna 1998?

When I check my power steering fluid contaiern, it is below the cold max level. Can I add (mix) Dex ATF without flushing out existing fluid in the container? Or What is the best way to do this?

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    We too have a 1998 Sienna XLE and FYI it uses ATF Dexron III as identified on the cap of the power steering reservoir. Talk about lessons learned and stupid mistakes, a while back I saw the power steering level was down and didn't pay attention to the Toyota owners manual as well as cap...and saw a red plastic bottle of Prestone Power Steering Fluid on my shelf in the garage. Anyway I poured it in and like the next 2 days, when I would be turning going down/up the underground garage parking levels at work I could hear a squealing noise. My mechanic was busy that afternoon and asked me to come back the next day but it was so scared with FEAR that big $$ were staring me right in the face that when I got home I took out my ratchets and 10mm socket and removed the power steering reservoir and then dump the contaminated solution and refilled with ATF Dexron III <= Yes it is red! Thanks to the Grace of God, he saved me much embarrassment & $$ as the squeal noise went away and I learned my lesson...

    So YES, simply take a bottle of Dexron III ATF Fluid and simply add it to the Power Steering Reservoir and No, you don't have to flush the existing fluid and it's okay to mix in with the existing power steering fluid. FYI I recently visited 2 local Toyota dealers and both said there is no quality difference in the manufacturing standards on which Dexron III ATF you decide to use, i.e Toyota's or a ATF Dexron III you would find at an Auto Parts store or say Walmart. Please note this is not true for newer Toyotas that require strictly Toyota Type T-IV ATF Fluids and the same goes for Toyota Red Coolant according to my mechanic...

    If you have the tools and do your own oil changes you might also want to "Drain your ATF Fluid <= which I have seen experts recommend anywhere between a range from every 15,000 to 30,000 miles" and then measure what comes out and then Add Dexron III back through the ATF Filler Neck which requires special funnel. The most I have ever added is 2 1/2 quarts. FYI the tool required is a 10mm Allen Wrench and when having our Sienna XLE serviced for Timing Belt, Water Pump & Thermostat at 98,000 miles bec we were going on a long out-of-town trip, I had asked my mechanic to loosen the bolt <= but he recommended I go and buy the metric Allen Wrench set (found really nice set at Lowes) bec owner charged $30 for ATF drain & refill..

    Hope the Above Info Helps and Best of Luck!

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    1998 Sienna

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    Top it off with the fluid labled on the cap or in your owners manual. But you need to find out why your have to top it off. The PS system is sealed unit, so it has a leak somewhere, minor or otherwise. Hubby has a 1997 Tacoma with over 195K on it, and has never had to add a drop.

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    just look at it if is red color just put transmission fluid no problem at all but if it is clear you have to get the same power steering fluid

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    you can just add

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