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Old Palestinian Arab with Donkey Cart Transports Grad Missile to Hamas. How about this 'Innocent' civilian?

Few would think twice about an old Arab man driving his wagon through a grove of trees while clashes between IDF soldiers and Palestinian Authority terrorists rage in the streets of Gaza.

But, the elderly Arab and the cart pulled by his plodding donkey were carrying a cargo of death to be delivered to southern Israel. Concealed beneath the innocent load of produce piled high was a Grad missile, to later be used by terrorists in an attack on the Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon.

Security forces have the incident on tape to prove it.

General Security Service (Shin Bet) chief Yuval Diskin used the tape on Sunday in a presentation to cabinet ministers to illustrate how terrorists use purported "civilians" in the Gaza war against Israel.

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    Israel does two things that are unacceptable to the Arabs and always will be.

    1: Jews treat women as equals with all the rights and privileges that men have -- and then some.

    2: Israel is a democracy and all people are treated equally. The Arabs can never accept either principle, and thus they will always try to eliminate Israel.

    Israel will probably always prevail, but her patience is running thin and one of these days she will have had enough and unleash forces that the Arabs will find irresistible.

    At that point, Europe can screech all it wants but the Mideast will change permanently.


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    It is nearly impossible to identify the terrrorist in a crowd of innocent civilians. In Iraq, a man in a wheelchair was a suicide bomber. Two kids were left in a car that was a VBIED (Vehicle Borne IED) and was detonated with the kids inside. Mentally disabled females are being used as suicide bombers. Unemployed poeple are paid money to plant IEDs to feed their families. Terrorists take advantage of our conceptions of innocence, of what we would or would not consider a threat. They do not care about the loss of innocent life in the first place.

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    And I suppose you are absolutely, positively, irrevocably convinced that this "tape" was not faked, could not be faked and that the security services would NEVER fake such a thing to cover up their own acts of injustice? I bet you think the world is flat too, don't ya?

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    Why is this not reported in the media?

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    are they really innocent civilians when they hide and shelter militants?

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    who knows.

    Who's terrorist? Could you pls define terror???? whos terrorizing Gaza? the palestine? its the israeli of course ^_^.

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