How did stalin and hitler go about achieving their vision? (their goal for their countries)?

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    Intimidation and terror.

    This could help:

    Stalin also purged anyone he thought was a threat:

    as did Hitler

    You can also add concentration camps and propaganda.

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    Hitler didn't, though he had some success, he still was hunted down and then he killed himself so he wouldn't get executed. Though he did kill a lot of people he did not kill all of them and he did not rule the world in the end which was what he wanted. Also Hitler was a great speaker, he could convince everyone that the world was flat, and that is how most dictators come to power.

    Stalin survived mostly because he killed everyone who opposed him or who he thought was out to get him, which was everyone. After his speeches he would look out to see if anyone stops clapping. That probably kept him alive for a while.

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    HINT: When researching these, change the name out only when wanting to look up information. It's faster:

    1. Go to: "Research your answer" on your question page. 2.Type in: Wikipedia/Stalin/Information/Details? 3. Go to: "Joseph Stalin: Biography and Much More from," an offering among thefirst page of headingslisted. 4. Go to: The first political offering. It's more detailed for you.


    Follow the same steps as above. Go to: "Adolph Hitler:Biography and Much More from," an offering on the first page of headings listed. As before, go to the first political information offered for the same reason.

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    Well, Hitler cornered the market on ****-erotic Leather Costuming and Stalin made a fortune selling bootleg vodka.

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    Both sought power through intimidation and terror using the political and revolutionary methods available to them ; good luck !


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    With ruthless ambition, insane intelligance and total lack of feeling towards their fellow man.

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