Your Baby's Personality?

Just for fun, what personality traits is your baby showing already? What kind of person do you think they will become based on what you can see already?


Hokie - My four year old was and is exactly the same. Such a laid back infant, and now i often catch him talking to himself (often while asleep) hah. It's hilarious though, because he seems to be perfectly happy to do it. And people just flock to him, kids and adults. He's very charming, and I worry that when it's old enough to date ... oh my. DENIAL. I will need therapy. hah

Update 2:

Kat - My newest is similar (from what I can tell so far anyhow). Shes determined, strong willed and she does love cuddling but I really am positive she has no idea she was a premature baby. Even the NICU nurses and Dr.'s agreed. She often gives me this look, and I'll admit I could be making more out of it than it is, that just makes me laugh and think she is thinking "what? what do you want?". I am certain she will be strong willed and tenacious for the rest of her life. And, I wonder where she gets that from. ;)

Update 3:

K - That really drew up hilarious mental pictures of a baby stuffed with toys. Heh. Cute!

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  • Kat
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    1 decade ago
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    good question...I love questions away from the "norm"

    My daughter is independent to the core. She also does not like to be held close...and on the rare occasion she "allows" her head to rest on my chest...I feel like I should be thanking her for the pleasure. She is most happy held very high, looking at everything but her momma.

    She is demanding...she wants what she wants RIGHT THEN. Even at days old she had no "warm up time" to tell me what she wanted when she woke up...she would wake up screaming. She is confident (already), strong-minded, and very vocal.

    Hubby has nick named her Hillary (Clinton)


    hokie> man, I hope! I love her dearly but I find myself saying "maggie, be mellow" when she is having a fit. Her 1st words will either be "maggie, be mellow" or "woman! please!"

  • ..
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    1 decade ago

    This question makes me feel so nostalgic, since my son is now three. My son was such a laid back baby, even when he was teething.

    All these answers are making me miss the baby stage.

    Kat (I always feel like I'm talking to myself because everyone calls me Kat lol): She'll grow out of her high maintenance stage, and she may become a laid back toddler (maybe, lol). My laid back baby turned into Mr. Center Stage. He's not demanding, but he doesn't stop talking from the time he wakes up until he finally falls asleep. He even talks in his sleep.

    Edit: Lol my sons quite a charmer too. I'm not looking forward to the dating years either!

    Kat (again): You may be surprised and look at her one day, and realize she's grown out of the high maintenance. My son is now a daredevil, I swear I'm going to be grey before he starts kindergarten. She'll calm down, even if it's just for a little while. : )

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cute question!! My daughter is now 5 months old. She is a flirt, very funny and loves smiling and giggling especially at new people to catch their reactions. She is very outgoing, I can't imagine that she will be a shy girl at all. She is most happy when facing outwards looking at the world taking it all in. She gets bored if she spends an entire 24 hours in the house even when new toys and games are introduced. I think she will be a busy girl always on the go when she grows up. She is the girl I wish I was!!

  • 1 decade ago

    My four month old son is very strong in body and personality! He's never been the cuddly baby type....only when he is really sleepy does he cuddle. He snoops at everything! He always needs to know what's going on, and will fight sleep because he might miss something! He is also a very happy baby, smiling all the time. The only time he is mad is when he is hungry , then watch out!!

    Source(s): Mama to 4 month old Evan
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  • 1 decade ago

    My 6 month old has such a goofy personality. We call him a goofball all of the time. He's very loving, and flirts with every girl that says hi to him with a big old ear to ear grin. I think we are gonna have quite a ladies man here in the future. Hopefully he's not quite as permiscuous as his daddy was, lol

  • 4 years ago

    Wow, your kin have enormous issues to be blaming your one 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous little lady. Now, ought to your daughter be doing particular issues because it receives her constructive interest and he or she likes it. particular, even youthful children study reason and result like that. ie. I make a stupid face, people snigger and smile at me, i am going to make more effective stupid faces. that does no longer advise she is "appearing" or attempting to thieve her little cousin's thunder or something. It in basic terms skill she's a social little lady, like you reported. i imagine to help the priority you may do 2 issues. First, make it sparkling that it truly is off limits to placed your toddler down in the front of her. it really is no longer ok. Your daughter is chuffed and enjoys people and they ought to no longer be allowed to damage that. I also DO imagine you ought to observe even as the is at the same time and one toddler is getting more effective interest than yet another. that quite CAN finally end up being hurtful to the different toddler as they strengthen up. So, do make efforts to grant your niece lots of interest. outstanding desires. such issues as this in households at the on the spot are not exciting. ETA: regarding auitism . . .even as moms and dads of autistic children can seem decrease back and observe signs and indications of it in infansy, it won't be able to be clinically determined appropriately till age 3. And it actually won't be able to be clinically determined on a 6 month previous with what constrained discription you grant right here. i'm no longer putting forward it won't be able to be the case, yet please do not leap to conclusions, and truly do not flow operating on your sister and say you imagine your niece has autism!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He is a very happy and content little guy. He's independant and loves to play on his own, and loves to spend some mommy and baby time together. He loves to get a reaction from me (he lets the dog lick him and then makes sure I am watching to say No then he laughs) lol He also loves to see what's going on and is easily exciteable. I think he will be pretty easy going but always making sure he gets attention when he does things that he knows are silly

  • 1 decade ago

    At almost 6 months old my baby seems to be very outgoing. He will smile at anyone who talks to him and leans towards them as if he wants them to hold him. He's a very happy baby and laughs at almost anything. He loves to "talk" and really puts on a show when there are alot of people around. He's really a "ham" for the camera. He loves attention! I think from the way he acts now that he will be very outgoing and happy and have lots and lots of friends!

    Also, if hubby yells at the dog.....our son I think he will be very sensative.

    He's very curious also. He reaches for anything and everything. In his high chair you have to keep him back from the table or he is trying to crawl out of it to reach something on the table.

    He loves bright and yellow.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My son is 8 months old and he is reserved, laid back and serious and loves attention. He LOVES to take everything in and has to study something first before he is comfortable with it. He always seems like he's deep in thought. He likes to be held but not be "into you" when held. He just likes to know you are there for him even if he doesn't pay attention to you. He likes to laugh and make you laugh because the louder you laugh at him the bigger he smiles.

  • 1 decade ago

    My baby is now four months old. He's very sensitive and shy. He is a very mellow baby, not bothered by much except for too many new people. He's quite the observer. He likes to watch everything. I think he will grow up to be a shy kid.

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