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What is the most powerful firearm?

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    There lots of powerful firearms. The one that is the most commercially available is the S&W .500. Although, it is very loud, expensive, heavy and punishing to shoot. A .44 magnum or .454 will work fine in 99.99% of applications for large game.

    A 9mm, .357 magnum, .40 or .45 ACP would be a much more reasonable choice for self defense

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    The spirit of the living God found within your own very soul.Love is truly the most powerful firearm in existence it does and will conquer all .The Word of God.

    The Ark of the Covenant

    Now as for man made weapons Id say it depends on the range distance of your target . But personally I would choose the smith and Wesson 38 special double action revolver a Glock model 21.45 ACP . or last a William Ruger NRA mark 2 pistol. All of which are very powerful and dangerous

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    I will answer your question in two parts.

    First - the most powerful commercially available round the is readily available is the 44 magnum. There are several that are more powerful but they are rare.

    As far as police handgun loads, the 357 SIG is the most powerful. The ballistics of this load are very similar to the 357 magnum.

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    which would be any artilery piece with a tactical nuke shell. Handguns, probable the 5 hundred action show (the issue is it kicks so hard that's as possibly to break the shooer because of the fact the objective) as far as anti-workers rounds, it can be a ten Ga shotgun, with flechettes. Tear suitable by way of physique armor, and create NASTY wound channels that surgeons have hell attempting to place back mutually...and you may placed like 40 of 'em in one 10 Ga shell. as far as rifles, the Barret sniper rifles in .50 BMG are the main deadly issues civilians can get ahold of.

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    The .417 cal which is taking place of the .50, more accurate and better knock down!

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    .50 S & W magnum

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    .357 or .40/.45 are definite stoppers.

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    .44 magnum!

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