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what can makes my hapster happ!Y?

HI! i have a cuty hamster i want to make him happY...! well i know he loves popcorn and walking on grass!!! but i want some thing really special! an!Y helP!?

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    food lol lots of it. Plus keep him active with a wheel. My hamster loved those tube mazes and play stations. Except when she got too big for them, still loved them though, then wed love getting her out. Plus most hamsters love yogurt drops. Plus every hamster loves their ball, it gives them a chance to explore and see new things.

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    My hamsters loved orange peels(that's right, the part we don't eat), lettuce, and carrots. She also loved to play in anything in the shape of a tube; empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls work well. Something to keep in mind is hamsters LOVE to chew. They will chew on anything they can get their teeth on, wether it be your dresser, carpet, and especially clothes. I wish you and your hamster a very happy friendship :).

    Source(s): Had three hamsters.
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    My hampster liked to get in the round ball made for the and roll around the house. Give him things to chew on. We use to give ours sunflower seeds and he would stuff his cheeks full. Then he would go empty them in his bed. We also gave him a wheel in his cage to run on. Check the pet store for things for him to do. Hope this helps.

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    they love going along with you around or out of the house in your pocket! just remember to keep offering him water and food. you could also build a maze, or get tunnels for your cage, or let him run around in a hamster proofed room, no ball or anything, under supervision of coarse! good-luck, hope your hammy get really happy*-*

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    get him a cage like this or make it yourself by linking a couple of fish tanks and tubes together

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