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How to remove a broken hallow screw while keeping the thread in tact?

well i over tightened a banjo fitting on my smart parts ion (paintball gun). and i was wondering how to remove the bottom broken half of the screw with the thread in tact (its a hallow screw). any help is greatly appreciated. and btw i wasn't sure where to put this soz... ya

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    EDIT: Agreed--as noted in other answers, the Easy Out is a good way. It is another name (originally a trade name) for a screw extractor. But don't forget to be careful with that, too, especially if you are working with plastic or soft metals or you could damage the threads on the body. Okay, now back to the original answer...........

    Okay, I don't know the exact equipment, but there are some possibilities. You may need to judge which to try by the exact circumstances in your gun.

    I have removed similar screws from other types of equipment with fair success, but be careful.

    First, is the screw metal or plastic? I would guess metal?

    You could try carefully cutting a small slot into the shaft of the screw so that you can use a straight screwdriver, but that may not work on a hollow screw if the break is too far down.

    Another chance would be to drill a hole smaller than the diameter of the screw (drilling would not be necessary if the hollow shaft is already exposed) and then CAREFULLY gluing a pin or similar item such as a smaller screw or small hex wrench into the hole, letting it really set, and then backing it out slowly. The type of glue would be determined by the material of the screw.

    Or there is the good old screw extractor, available at hardware or auto parts stores. Take the gun with you and verify the correct size. If you are unfamiliar with these things, just ask at the store.

    Maybe someone else has a better idea, but if not, one of these methods should work. Just take it easy. Don't force it.

    And good luck.

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    4 years ago

    Hollow Screw Extractor

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    They sell a "Easy Out" for about $3 at any hardware store tht will fit into the hollow of the screw and back the screw right out of the threaded hole.

    Ask for an "Easy Out" in a hardware store.

  • DIYpro
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    1 decade ago

    Get an ez-out at Home Depot. Pretty cheap and very effective.

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    James C has your answer

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