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Will Israel ever let free independent Palestine country be born?

I do not think. Every time they get close to an agreement the government in Israel has changed in the past it is a deception to blind the world.

Israel will never let it happen while one Palestinian is live.

Yes they will allow another country when none are left to claim it.

It is going to be called greater Israe.

Israel government policy is to make sure all the people of Palestine either die or leave the land and become refugees else where in the world never to return again.

Tell me if I am right or insane.

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    No, Israel will never let a free and independent Palestine country be born.

    They may set up a few bantustans, allow the Palestinian flag to be waved over them, and call it a country. But it won't be free and independent. That's essentially what they did with all previous "peace" offers which people falsely keep claiming were 97% of what the Palestinians asked for. These bantustans are essentially prisons with entry and exit, imports and exports, and water resources, and in fact the government controlled by Israel (I say this because that's essentially what's there now). So you are right, many will want to leave because there won't be room to grow and develop. That's part of the Israeli plan, to have only a controlled population left.

    But I don't think they'll be able to get rid of all the Palestinians. Many will remain if only out of loyalty to their land and people, and to deny Israel's right to ethnic cleansing. And they will rebel, and find a way achieve justice.

    Source(s): Charles Swisher, "The Truth about Camp David"
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    On the other hand, you have lots of other insane people to keep you company and assure you you are not insane.

    Question: According to you, does Israel "letting an independent state of Palestine be born" mean a two state solution, Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace? Or does it mean a "one state solution", a Palestine with the total elimination of Israel?

    Because of the possibility of the later, and that actual stated goal by many Palestinian groups (e.g. Hamas) is the one of the primary reasons why Israel has not "let it happen".

    And if Israel's true goal is the creation of "Greater Israel" with the elimination of all Arabs there, then please explain how that goal comes about when Israel has never gained any territory since 1967, 40 years ago? Sicne then, they have a) given the Sinai to Egypt b) given the Palestinians partial autonomy in the West Bank and c) withdrew completely from Gaza.

    And, yes, any explanation you can come up with would be insane.

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    There's all kinds of reasons, and both the Israelis and Palestinians are to blame. Sharing Jerusalem is one issue. The current Israeli government insists on a single undivided Jerusalem as Israel's capital, while Palestine claims East Jerusalem as its eventual capital. East Jerusalem had been under Jordanian control up until 1967. Then there's the issue of the settlements. In the West Bank Jewish settlers (both religious and secular) have built villages and small towns on what had been considered part of a future Palestinian state. Palestinians have insisted that Israel halt or dismantle these settlements as they are an impediment to the peace process. Then of course there are issues of terrorism and violence directed toward Israel that understandably causes Israel concern. Finally there are logistical issues of water sharing and other related issues that are holding the formation of a Palestinian state back.

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    That's really dependent on the Palestinians at this point. Until the election of Hamas, the peace process was moving along quite well. From Israel's side, we had the complete withdrawal from Gaza with no strings attached and the popularity of a political party planning on making similar concessions in the West Bank. It's the election of Hamas that derailed this future; the Palestinian people elected war instead of peace. Hamas's platform includes seeking the destruction of Israel, refusing to compromise with Israel and refusing all previous agreements with Israel. Since its inception, Hamas has actively sought Israel's destruction and is rightly considered a terrorist party by the US, Israel and most of the west. At this point in time it is Hamas's hostility and popularity that are holding back peace and not anything on Israel's side.

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    are you kidding me??,.....when Bill Clinton was President, the Palestinians were offered 97 percent of what they ask for, they declined,.....that was the best they were ever going to get, just for the fact Palestine never really existed, it was a region, never a country, it would be like the people living in the Mohave desert of California calling them selves a country,.....the Country of Mohave??, way,.....they should have took what was offered, the land they occupy belongs to Israel,.....

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    Blah. Blah. Blah.

    I watch the news. I know that the Israelis have tried giving land to the Palestinians in exchange for peace.

    I know that they have negotiated for peace time and time again.

    I also know that it is the militant Palestinians that keep launching missiles, bombing pizza parlors and causing any peace negotiations to unravel.

    I'll come around and root full on for Palestinian independence on two conditions:

    That the terror attacks against Israel stop.

    And that the Palestinians renounce their goal of destroying Israel for once and for all.

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    Yes, when Palestine decides to take control of the radical groups in their country and stop lobbing rockets into Israel.

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    It was, in 1922, in all of eastern Palestine.

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    You are correct. Keep looking, you may be amazed at what you find. So far, I have been.

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    Never... they want everything for themselves.

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