How does it feel to experience an earthquake :) ?


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Where do you live and/or where did you experience it, and when?

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    I can't believe I actually forgot the date for a minit there. On October 17, 1989, I was just starting to walk home from work in Santa Cruz, California, when I suddenly started getting dizzy. Or so I thought at first. Then I noticed that the street lights were whipping back and forth like buggy-whips.

    Then I remembered that I was going to have to walk across a bridge to get home. My legs wobbled (me or the earth?), but I made it home. We were lucky, because we were allowed to enter our apartment. A lot of people had nothing but a pile of rubble for a home, and some were "red tagged." The rescue workers would make an appointment and give them 15 minutes to carry out whatever they could.

    We kept having aftershocks, so it was pretty horrible for awhile. A lot of people couldn't go to work because their buildings were "red tagged" and they were not allowed to enter. I was lucky there, too, because we had no structural damage in our building. But we had a huge number of scrambled files to sort out, books to put back on shelves, cleaning up various messes like potted plants that spilled dirt all over.

    Electricity came back on fairly quickly in my neighborhood, but water took over a week. We had to go fetch buckets of water from the swamp at the end of the street to flush the toilet with. Dear Steve stood in a line at a supermarket for hours (while I imagined all sorts of problems) just to buy bottled water to drink, and finally, when we got so dirty we couldn't stand each other, we went to the hot tub spa up the hill where water service had been restored.

    Then the apartment house we were living in got sold because the owners couldn't afford to fix all the cracks in the walls and such, and we eventually had to move.

    Source(s): Loma Prieta Earthquake, 7.1
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    I've been in a few. I live in LA for many years. You hear a giant rumble coming at you from the bowels of the earth. Then you begin to feel the shaking. It begins by shaking back and forth very hard and really fast. After everything has been shaken apart, the land begins to roll back and forth. You are in the air and on the ground all at the same time. Your house comes up off the foundation in all these weird places at once. The whole world is nothing but chaos while the quake is happening. It's like taking a picture, cutting it into pieces and placing the pieces in a box and then shaking the box in every direction. Watch the pieces. That's what an earthquake looks like. The feel is really indescribable. The sound is deafening. The earth itself has awakened and it is a monster. To this day I can feel the most minor quakes. You become sensitive to any ground motion after experiencing more than moderate earthquakes. I live in ne Texas now and I feel tremors here. No one else seems to notice them, but I do.

  • I was patrolling in Northern Afghanistan when a sand storm and earthquake happened at the same time.

    It's absolutely terrifying. The best way I can explain what it's like is a great power, that of which you or I couldn't even come up with in a nightmare is coming to get you and everyone else on the planet. But here's the thing, 100 miles away, no one feels it or knows it's happening. It makes you feel so small and insignificant and makes the earth seem so huge.

    But all of this is what you think of after. At the time, time stops yet all you have time to do is try and run. It's natures reflex to try and run and hide but you can't. It only lasts a few seconds but it feels like forever.

    So says the talking bunny.

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    The Philippines particularly in my place, the Bicol Region had just experience an earthquake with an intensity of 5.6 in the Ritcher scale. It was scary and i was in my computer when it happened at 10:11 in the evening. First it was a mild shake and after several seconds it became stronger that i immediately turned of my PC. Thereafter, i checked our house for cracks. Thank God there was none. During the earthquake there is one picture frame that fell off and the shake was just terrible. I immediately trun on the computer and look for eathquake in the internet. Gosh, i found out that it was registered at intensity 7 but subject to review by seismologist. It was USGS in the U.S. that gave me the details of the earthquake. After few minutes, rain started to pour heavily. It was really scary..... Silent Prayers then followed.....

    Thanks for asking. Have a great day!

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    I live in Oakland CA, and i have felt lots of earthquakes. Most of them are not that destructive, and the sensation can either be a long sort of rumbling sideways motion or a strong up/down jolt, depending on how close you are to the epicenter. There was one last fall that was practically under my feet and it was a shot! Like BOOM and then stopped.

    The biggest one was Loma Prieta, October of 1989, during the World Series. That one was long and strong and caused a lot of damage, caused part of the Bay Bridge to collapse, caused a huge fire in SF, caused a double decker freeway to collapse, and killed a bunch of people. For me, I remember it was exciting (as they usually are) until it was clear that this one was not going to stop right away, and so I dove under a table. It kept going and shaking and it was very big, although they say the really BIG big one is soon to come.

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    There was one that happened one day while I was at school. There was this guy in class who was tapping his foot on the ground near me. All of a sudden I felt these small vibrations and right before I asked him was it coming from him everybody in the class started looking nervous and scared. Then the shaking got a little stronger and we all got under our desks. I remember that during the earthquake the whole entire school was dead quiet. I'm from Portland, OR and the earthquake ended up being that one that was about a 6.0 near Seattle in 2001, we just felt it all the way in P.O.

    Oh, and to answer your question, you feel like you're going to crap your pants.

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    Scared, because there is nothing one can do about it and even though the Earthquake, doesn't last long, less than a minute-seems much longer.

    A really strong Earthquake hit China, when we were living in Seoul, Korea. The building we were living in shook. The high rises( as they were called then) swayed back and forth.

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    alright, surprised..

    i felt one when i was in class one day it was strange the teacher told us to go under the table but it was after the earthquake LOL

    i live in san francisco

    the last one i experienced was a 5.4 not so long ago... last year around September i think.. i was home playing computer and i felt it so hard.. it was really shaking this one.. i think its the strongest.. cause some stores at Oakland had broken glasses and stuff... thats what i saw in the news.. i was alright.. it happened around 8 something

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    i experience them all the time because we have a train track right by our house

    thank goodness they're all so small, but they are definitely noticeable and consist of small vibrations, and things rattling in the house. If you're lying down its a lot easier to feel the vibrations

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