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Is racial profiling justified for safety and peace (national, societal) or is wrong and too invasive of indiv?

-ual's liberties?

Racial profiling for crime - police stops, airport checks - terrorism, etc.

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    Answer me this. If a group of guys in white sheets and hoods drug a black man out of his house, tied him to a tree, and whipped him, should and would the police go looking for a Chinese guy or a white supremist? In some cases, racial profiling is just smart police work.

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    Well ...

    If the only description the police have of, say, a mass murderer, is that he's male, black and 6'4" tall, stopping 6'4" black men is racial profiling of a sort, but it's good police work.

    If the description is 6'4" tall male and they stop 6'4" tall BLACK men, that's not only wrong, it's bad police work.

    So if it's known that in this situation at this time, X is more likely to be committing a crime than any other, stopping X at random is good police work, whether X is 15 year old males, black male adults or men wearing yellow turbans. (Customs will usually stop obviously "pregnant" women who walk as if they were well-balanced fore and aft. Is that profiling? You bet it is - it's profiling a particular kind of criminal. Just ask any woman who's 8 or 9 months pregnant.)

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    Racial profiling is a Catch-22 situation. And then again, if a height of a perp was, say, 5'10", would height profiling be right or wrong for the constables to consider in their search?

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    Well, I've really studied the track record of racial profiling and so far... It hasn't worked.

    OKLAHOMA BOMBING RING A BELL? It was a white guy!

    Profiling someone for their race as a suspect doesn't count people, because the eye witnesses can say if its a white, black, or middle eastern looking person and then narrow down their suspect search.

    If anyone can show me that generalizing middle

    Eastern people works before they answer "yes" please site your answers as to how this is working.

    Please... Because, racial profiling in general is a joke so far!

    Most every person that has gotten away with exploding buildings in our country has been mistaken for someone else or did not fit the racial profile!

    Case and point. We just had a small bombing in New York 2 weeks ago. The FBI has connected it to the bombing in Los Angeles and get this... It's not a middle Easterner. Terrorists are home grown, people!

    Even the hijackers at 9/11 were inaccurate. How do I know? Because, half the suspected pilots that were listed in the newspaper at the time were not on those flights AT ALL.

    Nothing was ever reported about this mistake to the general public to admit they interviewed the innocent Middle Eastern men and let them go.

    Instead, they fed our paranoia by color coding our days from red to yellow! People, wake up... Who owns our media! They only show you what they WANT you to see!

    Another recent mistake is that they landed a UK plane before the passengers could reach their destination because Cat Steven's (A famous UK folk singer )was on board with a facial hair and a turban.

    What if a potential bomber is dressed in a suite with a clean shaven face and looks like a clean cut Caucasian business man? - Where's your profiling at work?

    Please, anyone show me how this is working?

    I mean, I have neighbors with turbans and they are involved in the PTA and have kids that play with my kids...

    Am I supposed to hate them now?

    Am I supposed to allow a repeat of WW2 in which Japanese Americans with Texan Accents who hated what the Japs had done in Pearl Harbor have to lose their property and wind up in prison camps?

    Yeah, racial profilng at work!

    I guess the government is using it to distract us from the real enemy. Our own governments incompetence in the name of greed!

    Bring our soldiers home! Enough is enough! My children's children are now in debt and our President has issued the Amero right under our noses so that the Canadian and Mexican borders are no longer meaningful.

    I want our tax dollars to go toward sophisticated security measures while preserving our freedoms, not to continue to line the pockets of Haliburton and the Industrial War Complex.

    Racial profiling... sheesh... Yeah right.

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    Yes ,do it ,if the shoe fits,it would save alot of B.S. that go's on these days.If it were done on 9-11 most likely the twin towers and all the people that lost there lives would still be here.

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    Ok, so let's start stopping blonde, nordic looking types at airports because we KNOW that they are the ones responsible for so many bombings in which thousands and thousands of innocent men, women, and children have been murdered. Right?

    No? Let's see then. Who is it who's responsible for these bombings all around the world?

    Yeah. Of course! MIDDLE EASTERN MEN, particularly of the ISLAMIC RELIGION. Since they ARE the ones doing the murdering and bombing, well hey! Let's stop white, blond men from Norway instead ok?? It makes perfect sense!

    If you want to STOP those who are doing the murdering, you have to STOP those who fit the profile of the MURDERERS.

    Just like if a black man kills a store clerk, for instance, what do you think they should do instead of looking for a black man who fits the description? Go out and stop white women instead?

    How freaking STOOPID is that?

    Enough with the politically correct crap. How about REALITY for a change?

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    When was the last time middle aged white men complained as a group about being profiled when the FBI's looking for serial killers?

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    its the people who do it first,

    its not the governments fault if the majority of the nations crims are commited by balck men

    racial profiling is just profiling based on facts.

    i mean if you were a store owner and you knew thirteen year old white girls were the major shop lifters would you follow them around, yes.

    and how many 25 year old white men are involved with gangs verses 25 year old black men.

    its not the people making the profiles fault, its the people making the statistics

    and everyone who is saying its wrong are ignorant and are thinking their thoughts are "just", because they read the word racial in the question

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    I do not agree with racial profiling. I cannot see how targeting people based on physical appearance will solve crimes. It is a method that is flawed, if I am going to commit a crime I am going to try to blend in, not stand out. When police look for the 'obvious' criminals they are surely missing out on the true crimes.

    ""If you are a young African-American male in Texas, three things are certain: you will die, you must pay taxes, and you will be racially profiled."

    ---State Rep. Senfronia Thompson"

    *Honestly, as willing as we are to give up our civil liberties today, our children will have to fight twice as hard to gain back small freedoms. It is also true that racial profiling is not the same as a description of a known criminal. It is saying that because someone is black they are drug dealers, if someone is Arabic they are terrorists, if someone is blonde they are dumb, it is perpetuation of stereotypes.

    "Racial profiling means a law enforcement action based on an individual's race, ethnicity or national origin rather than on the individual's behavior, or on information identifying the individual as having engaged in criminal activity. " The definition itself clears the 'perpetrator of wrong doing.

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    it is definately invasive and can be carried too far.on the other hand,long lines at airports while 80 year olds from the midwest are checked,having to remove their shoes,etc.seems incredibly inefficient,time consuming and unnecessary.i understand its done to be fair and not single out one group,but when i have to go thru it,i always wonder"wow! didnt know chubby middle aged soccer moms were such a threat!"

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