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Making dinner for 10 people on Saturday. I need a good recipe for pork tenderloin. Any ideas?

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    Yes!! I have the best recipe. I have made this many times before and am making it this Saturday for a friend's birthday. I hope you can find Pickapeppa sauce (usually with Tabasco and such) at your grocer. I have no idea what could replace's pretty unique. This recipe is for 4 tenderloins (two come to a cryovac package usually).


    4 pork tenderloins

    Pam cooking spray

    1/2c or more of dry white wine

    Olive oil

    1/4c Worcestershire sauce

    1/4c Soy sauce

    1/4c Pickapeppa sauce

    1/4c Honey

    Black pepper

    Lemon pepper

    Creole seasoning


    1 1/2tsp cornstarch (for sauce)

    Coat shallow baking dish (or two) with Pam. Rub tenderloins with olive oil and place in dish. Add wine (if using two dishes, add 1/2c to each).

    Mix together Worcestershire, Pickapeppa, soy sauce and honey. Brush or pour over tenderloins, use it all up.

    Season meat with dry seasonings, to taste.

    Bake uncovered at 350 to an internal temp of 160deg (takes about 1hr 15min).

    Note: Do not allow pan to go dry, add more wine if needed.

    Sauce: After meat is removed from oven, set aside and strain liquid from roasting pan(s) into sauce pan. Set on medium heat. In 1c wine, dissolve 1 1/2tsp cornstarch. Add to sauce, bring to a slow boil and whisk to thicken slightly. Adjust seasonings to taste, remove from heat.

    Pour some sauce onto serving platter and put the rest in a sauce boat to be passed. Slice tenderloins on a bias and arrange neatly on platter. Serve!

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    Pork can be made more flavorful by marinating or seasoning before cooking. The main thing to remember when cooking pork tenderloins is not to overcook when roasting, since overcooking will cause the meat to dry out. It's a good idea to use a meat thermometer to test for doneness; cutting into the meat to test for color will cause too many good juices to run out.

    A range of 150° to 165° is usually recommended (taking thermometer inaccuracies into account), which is well above the 137° necessary to kill any trichinae. This should produce tenderloin that's juicy, tender, and safe.

    This website should give you everything you're looking for in a pork tenderloin recipe.

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    Stuffed Roast Pork Tenderloin

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    Source(s): Perfect Paleo Recipe Cookbook :
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    You'll need at least three tenderloins. They are less expensive if they are plain, so buy those two days before and put them into a container you can lay them side by side and cover tightly. Pour in some white wine like chardonnay, and add 6 cloves (one section of a bulb) of garlic, crushed, one teaspoon each of oregano, tarragon, and lemon thyme, cover tightly and shake well, then refrigerate it. Take it out and shake it once every 4 hours while you are awake and cook the next evening by broiling with the pan on the rack in the CENTER of the oven. Slice and arrange on a platter and serve with some of the marinade heated up to spoon over the meat. I'd have this with either garlic mashed potatoes (put butter on the table, so people can add their own) and either fresh asparagus (one 'bunch' for every two people) or frozen brussel sprouts ... serve either vegetable with grated or crumbled parmesan cheese or gorgonzola or feta ... or a combination of all three, that you put on and 'brown' in the oven right before serving. Have some sorbet (fruity and frozen) over which you can drizzle a bit of melted dark chocolate and serve with small 'shortbreads' ... you'll look like a gourmet cook, and everything is really extremely easy to fix!

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    Mojito style pork tenderloin. Marinate it with olive oil, garlic, lime juice, salt and pepper, chopped mint and some rum and grill for ten or 15 minutes. Serve it with a rice dish, veggies and you've got a nice dinner. You can also do a teriyaki marinade.

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    wrap apple-wood smoked bacon around the tenderloin and roast the loin and if you want really crispy bacon cook the bacon on a sheet pan 1st and only cook it half way so that you can still wrap the bacon around the loin. Then make apricot-pineapple-mint relish by using dried apricots, fresh pineapple and fresh mint and thin slices of red onion or shallots. Then service some braised red cabbage.

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    There is no one single Paleo Diet, as our ancestors from all over the world ate dramatically different diets depending on the climate where they lived, their landscape, accessibility to water bodies, and the latitude that they lived. This is a detailed meal plan for the paleo diet

    In some cases, a Paleo Diet may be 90% plant foods and 10% animal foods, and in other cases, a Paleo Diet may be 90% animal foods and 10% plant foods.

    For example, our ancestors that lived near the equator had year long access to more plant materials such as root vegetables and various fruits, veggies, and nuts.

    On the other hand, our ancestors that lived at higher latitudes further away from the equator only had access to fruits and vegetables seasonally at one specific time period per year, and had larger periods of the year where they ate a higher % of meats, organ meats, fish, and other animal-based foods, or fermented foods that could be stored for winter.

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    All I do is rub garlic lemon pepper seasoning into skin, stick a few cloves in here and there (or garlic slivers) and put it in an open roast pan at 325 for 20 min a pound. Tender and tasty every time.

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    Make a dry rub with seasoned salt, granulated garlic, onion salt, pepper, dried parsley, poultry seasing, dash of chili powder, etc... Then spinkle with a splash or 2 of worcestershire sauce and then sprinkle the rub on top. Serve with scalloped potatoes and creamed corn.

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    Slow grill in butter (depending on the thickness for the amount of time) add salt, pepper, and seasoning salt. Hope thats what your looking for.

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