Why did the rightly guided caliph's behave this way with the household of the holy prophat sws?

.Jauhari, according to Ibn Abi'l-Hadid in his Sharhe Nahju'l-Balagha, Volume II, page 19, narrates on the authority of Sha'bi: "When Abu Bakr heard about the gathering of the Bani Hashim in Ali's house, he said to Umar: 'Both you and Khalid go and bring Ali and Zubair to me so that they can take the oath of allegiance.' So Umar entered Fatima's house and Khalid stayed outside. Umar said to Zubair 'What is this sword?' He replied, 'I have acquired it for allegiance to Ali.'

Umar snatched the sword and hurled it at the stone inside the house and broke it. Then he brought him out to Khalid. He came back into the house, where there were many people, including Miqdad, and all the Bani Hashim. Addressing Ali, he said: 'Get up! I'm taking you to Abu Bakr. You must pay allegiance to him.'

Ali refused. Umar dragged him to Khalid. Khalid and Umar forced him along the road which was packed to capacity with men who witnessed this scene. When Fatima saw Umar's behavior, she, along with many women of the Bani Hashim (who had come to console her), came out. They were lamenting and wailing with high-pitched cries. Fatima went to the mosque where she said to Abu Bakr: 'How soon have you sacked the Ahle Bait of the Prophet of Allah. I swear by Allah, I will not talk with Umar until I see Allah.' Fatima showed her extreme disapproval of Abu Bakr and did not speak to him for the rest of her life." (See Sahih Bukhari, Part V and VII).

(10) Abu Walid Muhibu'd-Din Muhammad Bin Muhammad Bin Ash-Shahna Al-Hanafi (died 815 A.H.), one of your leading ulema writes in his Rauzatu'l-Manazir Fi Khabaru'l-Awa'il wa'l-Awakhir, in connection with the Saqifa affair: "Umar came to Ali's house prepared to set it on fire with all its inmates. Umar said: 'Enter into what the community has entered.'"

(11) Tabari, in his Ta'rikh Volume II, page 443, reports from Ziyad Bin Kalbi that "Talha, Zubair, and some of the Muhajirin were at Ali's house. Umar Bin Khattab went there and demanded that they come out. If they did not, he said, he would set the house on fire."

(12) Ibn Shahna, in Hashiyya-e-Kamil of Ibn Athir, Volume XI, page 112, writes in connection with the Saqifa that: "Some of the Prophet's companions, and the Bani Hashim, Zubair, Atba Bin Abi Lahab, Khalid Bin Sa'id Bin As, Miqdad Bin Aswad Kindi, Salman Farsi, Abu Dharr Ghifari, Ammar Bin Yasir, Bara'a Bin Azib, and Ubai Bin Ka'b refused to swear allegiance to Abu Bakr. They assembled in Ali's house. Umar Bin Khattab went there intending to burn down the house. Fatima protested to him. Umar said: 'Enter where all others have entered.'"

These are but a sample of the many historical facts recorded by your own historians. This affair was so commonly known that the poets of old mentioned it. One of your poets, Hafiz Ibrahim of Egypt, says in a poem in praise of Umar: "No other person but Abu Hafsa (father of Umar) could have the courage of addressing the chief of the Adnan Clan (Ali) and his comrades, saying: 'If you fail to pay allegiance, I will set your house on fire and will not leave any inmate of the house alive, even Fatima herself.'"


references from sunni books only no narration from shia a books or shia a ulema given,this is a narration from sunni books and sunni ulema ONLY!!

Update 2:

are not sahih bukhari and sahih muslim authentic ahadith books?

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    When you give reference from history recorded by Sunnis, you should keep it in mind that, What they write that they heard from other narrators. The narrators could be wrong or could be right. So, to really know standpoint of sunnis, you again have do some research on the reliability of narrators. This is just honesty of sunni scholars that they even recorded though not approved those points which was against what they really believed. And now you are exploting their honesty just to prove that they were wrong. Infact all these sunnis have recorded many such record against Ali RA also, that again is not their stance on this dispute. This is just record of what they recieved from others which is mix of truth and lies. It is upon you to prove from the chain that this is really authentic.

    We don't believe that Ali RA was power hungry and have strived for power all his life.

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    Q: who're the 12 Rightly Guided Caliphs? A: you are able to wager yet you will on no account recognize. generally the wager is: Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (???? ???? ???) is likewise secure among the Rightly Guided Caliphs. subsequently, the twelve Caliphs confer with: one million. Abu Bakr As-Siddiq 2. Umar ibn al-Khattab 3. Uthman bin Affan 4. Ali ibn abi Talib 5. Hasan ibn Ali 6. Umar ibn Abdul Aziz this means that six of the twelve have come to pass, and 6 greater will come to pass earlier the Day of Judgment, the final of whom will probable be Imam Mehdi. Q: Shaykh al-Albani says: ???? Sahih A: confident in keeping with danger he did or perhaps after that Al - AlBani became no longer shia, so of course he did no longer comprehend it as you DISTORT the hadith. Ahlul bayt for Ahlusunnah is composed of greater halves of the prophet (observed). you're making no factor in this wall of text textile.

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    When `Uthman ibn `Affan was surrounded, `Abdullah ibn al-`Abbas brought a letter to Amir al-mu'minin from `Uthman in which he expressed the desire that Amir al-mu'minin should leave for his estate Yanbu` so that the proposal that was being mooted out for him to become caliph should subside. `Uthman had this request earlier also. Upon this Amir al-mu'minin said to Ibn al-`Abbas:

    O' Ibn al-`Abbas! `Uthman just wants to treat me like the water-drawing camel so that I may go forward and backward with the bucket. Once he sent me word that I should go out then sent me word that I should come back. Now, again he sends me word that I should go out. By Allah, I continued protecting him till I feared lest I become a sinner.

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    No comments only can say " Allah curse on Opressors " whoever they are ..

    But i got one info too " Try to brother with every human , Bcoz Allah himself Love our Prophet so much that he Said , Mohammad is Rahman in between u and is my Habeeb "

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