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Free Anti-Spyware Program?

My computer has been infected with Spyware recently. I have downloaded many programs to get rid of it, but it only lets me scan the computer for free.

Does anybody know any FREE anti-spyware programs that also lets me remove the spyware for FREE???

Plz let me know. Best answer gets 10 points.

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    There is a reason why you are having a hard time finding a free spyware removal program.

    There simply isn't one that works like it should.

    New spyware threats are being released all the time. It takes money to be able to constantly update your spyware removal program to combat these new spyware programs.

    This is why almost ALL of the good spyware removal programs have some kind of fee. It is usually worth it to go ahead and pay the fee, to remove all your spyware infections.

    A couple months back, I suffered a major spyware infection, and thought I would have to buy a new computer.

    I tried all of the free spyware removal programs that I could find, and none of them seemed to totally remove my spyware infection.

    It wasn't until I came across a website on google that gave honest reviews of spyware removers that I found AdwareAlert.

    I downloaded and scanned my computer and found over 200 spyware infections. I registered the product, and removed all the spyware from my computer.

    This program has kept my computer running fast and spyware free for the last couple of months.

    You can visit the spyware review website below.

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    Source(s): Amazing Protection Antivirus Software -
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    No single anti-spyware application is perfect so I recommend using Ad-aware and Spybot (they are free). Other free anti-spyware programs would be AVG Anti-spyware (formally Ewido), Super Anti-spyware and SpywareBlaster.

    I strongly recommend using FireFox, it's a far better and safer alternative to Internet Explorer. If you add-on McAfee SiteAdvisor, it will warn you of potentially harmful sites. I also recommend CCleaner which is a free system optimization and privacy tool.

    Webroot Spy Sweeper is rated as the best, but it's not free (see the Consumer Search source).

    Running these programs in Safe Mode (tap F8 after powering on the computer and choose to boot to Safe Mode) can be more effective.

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    Here is my choice of a very good spyware program, I highly recomend it and so do others here. ( This is good and its FREE, download the free version and run it right away. Make sure to Un-install all of the other spyware programs that you have before installing this one, you can have 2 spyware programs at any givening time but only 1 antivirus. Good Luck now get busy.

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  • L A
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    I like XoftSpy. At the time I downloaded it they were new and I got it for free. If you need to find something for free go to the website below. Has a lot of great software... they have reviews and will tell you if there is a cost.

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    the wonderful anti spyware i recognize of and function journey with is adaware SE very own version. google it and acquire it from their website. you will get it for loose yet with out the means to set it and forget it (make a time table of whilst it is going to run). yet im constructive we are able to stay with out that so a procedures as anti viruses flow the only loose one i recognize of is AVG, yet ive on no account used this so dont recognize

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    Please download award winner PC -TOOLS ANTI-SPYWARE ,you can get this from Google Pack.Its free from google but not free from its website!

    Source(s): iam a user of google pack
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    the best is go to and download avg anti-virus protection.

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