Involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment in Texas?

HELP!!! My grandson drowned(we think) in a bathtub. Reason we think is that there are some things that makes many think he may have died before he went under water(less than 2 inches deep). His heart had stopped in less than the 30 seconds he was under. Anyway my daughter has been arrested "based on statements made" and charged with manslaughter, abandon/endanger child and 3 drug charges for meds found that were her fiance's for a back injury. We have never dealt with the judicial system before but have had 4 attorneys visit her and say the case is complicated by the fact that she is totally innocent. Can anyone help me know what we can expect. This is really scary.


She hasnt talked to anyone since at the hospital other than me and these attorney's. She has been told about the police etc. "dont talk to them, dont look at them, dont breath on them "and she has been great about abiding by that. Of course she is young and terrified as we all are

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    Whenever a person dies (other than under a doctor's care) in 99% of the cases, somebody's gonna get charged if for no other reason than no one person wants to be THE one to decide that it was accidental/unavoidable etc. Governmental officials don't want to stick their neck out by making a decision themselves (Heavens, God forbid !) So once the formal process gets started it takes on a life of its own. You need to take this VERY seriously and she needs to immediately discontinue talking to the police, prosecutors etc and recognize that she's not gonna just "talk this away" and that this is an adversarial situation. Once formal charges have been made it's time to discontinue cooperative interviews without the presence of her attorney. (And in hindsight, she shouldn't have talked this much already but what's done is done). It's overdue the time to get an attorney involved and quit talking without him/her present.

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    How old was y our grandson? The prosecutor is taking the age in this case because of the abandonment. IF he was a baby then she shouldn't have left him alone in a bathtub no matter whether it had 2 inches of water or was bone dry. That is abandonment. You might want to face the facts that maybe she is lying to you and check out her story. Drugs, manslaugher abandonment/endangerment, these are serious charges.

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    Do NOT discuss your daughters case with her, or anytone else. First off, no one online can give you any meaningfull help based on partial details. Second, anything your daughter tells you is NOT privileged, and you can be made to repeat it to the prosecution, or at trial.

    Let her lawyers do their job! NOTHING complicates a defense attorneys job worse than family members offering all sorts of unsolicited advice from strangers who don't know the full case.


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