Need help ....Nutrition for a 6 1/2 month old?

My daughter will be 7 months old on the 27th . I feed her 3 times a day with 4 bottles of her formula in between , Her doctor said I could feed her anything I like ,as long as she was getting a balance of fruits ,and veggies ,and 3 - 4 bottles of her formula a day , I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much fruits ,and veggies my daughter needs ?? I give her rice cereal ,and fruit in the mornings , then a jar of baby veggies ,and some fruit for her supper, and then rice cereal ,and fruit for a snack at night before bed . I am a new mom ,and I want to make sure my daughter is getting all the nutrients ,and vitamins she should be . I have tried looking on the web ,but can only find serving sizes for older kids ,and adults .. None for babies . My daughter isnt too fussy on baby food ,so I do give her some table food ,but am afraid of allergies . She is a very active baby ...crawling ,and all as well . Any help , or direction would be greatly appreciated !

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    At this point she is getting 95% of her nutrition in the formula. The feeding actual food is to get her used to eating. She is learning to eat. You always go with fruit/veggies first and then meat/stew at dinner followed by fruit.

    You are training her to eat meals and like healthy food. Neither of my 2 liked baby food but they would eat or at least try grown up food (well mashed). Give her some mashed potato with extra milk to make is smoother, same with potatoe or sweet potato and carrots. Banana's are great. You can either cut them up in tiny bites or hunks and let her have at it. It is also a great learning experience to get that banana in her mouth.

    Keep in mind that her stomach is only as big as her fist and if she has had formula within 2 hrs she might not be very hungry for food at all. Try the food first because it will not fill her for as long and she will still want the formula.

    Good luck and you are doing great and never forget babies are all different!

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    It varies,I would give her maybe 2 to 4 tablespoons at each feeding,be sure that the formula is still her main meal,it has the most nutrients she needs right now,it is also a good idea to give her the bottle first before feeding her solids at this age.You can mix the fruit with the rice in the morning,vegys in the afternoon and some meat and sweet potatoes for dinner.You can try to make your own food as well,steam the vegys/fruit till very soft and then blend it,and freeze it in can also leave some in small cubes for her to try to eat with her fingers just be sure they are very soft.

    Always be sure to do your 5 days of allergy testing with a new food,it is also safe to give all food groups now after 6 months.Do not give her milk but she can have dairy products like yogurt and cheese.Try mushing some avocado,(i used to push it through a strainer)and mix it with some water because it will be quite thick but it is very good for her and has allot of calories to help her with her activeness!

    I used to bake steak,chicken,fish and pork chops,grind them up in a blender and freeze them as well.

    Source(s): I deal with a pediatric dietician for my son
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    Check out Dr. Sears' website for that. He has some great advice.

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