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Square One - Mississauga?

i need help on finding a store or a "kiosk" (small vendor/cart) were they sell hair extensions. its near Dairy Queen/Food Court. I just want to find out the name.

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    Hi ... here is the mall listing for "Hair & Esthetics" ... it does say whether these are kiosks or what their number is but I've included the link for you ...

    Donato Salon & spa


    Jason Michaels

    Joseppi & Mimmo

    Lords ‘n Ladies

    Melonhead Children`s Hair Salon

    Merle Norman

    Millenium’s Nail Care

    The Barber’s Chair

    Trade Secrets

    Good luck ...

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    4 years ago

    Merle Norman Square One

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    Try calling the mall's office number listed in the phone book, and ask them. They will have a list of all the stores.

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