Someone asked about the holocaust and it caused me to question their question.?

I saw this question on Yahoo Answers: "If the holocaust really happened then why do they jail people who have a different opinion?" My question(s) is, where do they jail people for having a different opinion about the holocaust? What are the charges? Don't get me wrong. I believe the holocaust happened. There is pretty much nothing you could say to cause me to not believe it. It just causes me to wonder about societies that do not allow opinions.

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    It is a crime to deny the Nazi Holocaust in several European nations (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Switzerland) as well as Israel, of course. A well known historian was recently prosecuted in France. Though we often think of Europeans as believing in free speech as we do in America, there is actually no right to free speech as we have here under the First Amendment. This is why recent moves in the United States to curtail free speech through "hate crime" statutes and the like are very frightening. If someone actually harms another or their property, so be it, but expressing a certain opinion, however distasteful or foolish, should not be punished by law in a free society.

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    it's the same thing as the turkish denying the armenian holocaust and the japanese denying how they treated the koreans. when it's done and over with, they don't want all the other countries to look at them as monsterous tyrants, so they pretty much plead the fifth.

    and i also heard a non- german say that they don't believe in the jewish holocaust cause it's too gruesome and too unbelievable. very ignorant.

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    as far as I know, that's just in Germany; they are a bit sensative on the subject

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