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How Much Nuclear Weapons does North Korea Possess.?

Does China have the Capability to beat the United States if a war is to happen between the two countries.

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    I was bored and picked up a Science magazine at Barnes and Noble and read that Russia has over 15,000 and 2 launch locations that reach world-wide.America had over 10,000 with a place in North Dakota to launch world-wide and Korea was at the bottom of the list with <10 Nuclear Weapons that had a max range to Northen China(No major cities) and Japan,around there.So <10 would be the answer

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    No one can give an exact number of nuclear weapons in the possession of any given country on earth. And of course the Chinese could destroy the US. They have a MASSIVE army that is being funded by all the little plastic toys you own that say "Made in China" (Billions of dollars over many MANY years). With the US military stretched so thin worldwide, their crumbling economy, and overall arrogance, the Chinese could take over in a weekend before anyone even noticed.

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