How many Jehovah's Witnesses like to vote here?

I'm wondering how is it that JWs don't like to vote in an election or a referendum, and yet they will still vote for a best answer here at Yahoo! Answers when they could? Then there are those who vote thumbs up or thumbs down, so I'm wondering is there any other place where they can vote also? Where in the Bible does it state you should not vote in a free election?


Hi Vot...I know you don't involve yourself in politics, but I'm wondering if there are any other type of voting you do get involved in, other than Y! A of course?

Update 2:

Hi Ishvarlan...can you point to all the verses in the Bible supporting your abstaining from politics view?

Update 3: Philippians 4:21-23 would you say they are not in politics?

21Greet all the saints in Christ Jesus. The brothers who are with me send greetings. 22All the saints send you greetings, especially those who belong to Caesar's household.

23The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.

Would you allow yourselves to belong to the household of President Bush or other leaders of this world and not involve yourselves in politics 100%?

Update 4:

JWs...please visit this site and read...

I can understand it can be less painful to be tortured than to face disfellowshipping, but can you find anything in the Bible (not Watchtower or Awake magazines) saying you should not vote or select your own leaders, anything?

Update 5:

Ishvarlan...please don't vote from there...Of course we have a spiritual leader to follow, as Jesus did mention about Caesar and taxes. He said render to Caesar what is Caesar's, and render to God what is God's. I'm sure what He meant is, we have a spiritual leader, and we also have a political leader for now. Jesus is not voted into our lives, He chose us as His followers. What do you think is the best way to select our worldly leaders? Is there any other way to select our worldly leaders other than today's democracy?

Update 6:

JWs...If Paul, being a Roman citizen, made an appeal to Caesar to defend himself (Acts 25:11), would you also appeal to today's government leader for your own defense?

Update 7:

Hi Ishvarlan...It was Agrippa who reigned and judged Paul in the court. This emperor was voted in by the Senate, all emperors of this class were called Caesar. If you need more information about the Roman Empire, try this website and download the book...

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    In response to one of the answers: It said Jesus said to His followers not to be part of the world, so you AVOID POLITICS. Why do you stop there? Taken to it's logical conclusion, why don't you AVOID the education system, healthcare, public highways, restaurants, banks, etc? Jesus was talking about our citizenship is in Heaven not of this earth. God, not the world, must have the first place in the Christians life. As Christ's represenatives on earth, we are under a mandate to be "Salt and Light" in our culture (Matthew 5:13-16). Your vote can be a form of ministry. After all, when you vote, you are directly and indirectly impacting people who are made in the image of God's lives.

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    First, giving a thumbs up/down is in NO way voting.

    Secondly, voting on best answer is in NO way like taking part in politics, unless the question is about who would make a better political whathave you.

    Christians are repeatedly taught in the Bible to NOT be involved in political matters.

    Look at Jesus, he is NEVER shown as taking ANY sides in political matters.

    I am a Christian, one of Jehovah's Witnesses.


    As I am on the toilet right now, I don't have a Bible handy, however, your comment "pick your own leaders" is very helpful. As Christians, Christ is our leader, not Bush or whoever else is President.

    I really don't care how the world runs it's governments. I will obey the laws of the land I live in, lest they are superceded by the Bible's commands. Jesus never sought office. It wasn't his purpose. As for Ceaser, unless I am wrong, he wasn't voted in.

    I often wonder when people seem distressed by my Not voting, if they would be just as distressed if I voted for someone different from them??

    What if some Witnesses voted for someone who became "the next Hitler"??

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    They're not allowed to vote in a political poll, according to their religion.

    However... in some countries it is compulsory that the citizens vote... so do they disobey the civil authority by not voting??

    And I remember Jesus paying tax, as this was law.... give to Caesar what is Caesar's and all that...?

    Just my thoughts.

    Take care, God bless

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    We do not involve ourselves in politics.

    Jesus said his followers would be no part of the world and so we avoid politics. (John 17:16, James 4:4,1 John 5:19)

    We obey all the laws of our countries unless they go against God's Word.

    Is Y!A a political forum? There is a politics section, but that is not the entire Y!A.

    There is nothing wrong with voting in itself. Voting shows what the majority want. When certain decisions have to be made by the congregation, we hold a vote; the majority "wins".

    (E.g what time to have a meeting, how to allocate funds, what colour to paint the Hall etc)

    Thumbs down for me clears the screen of useless answers.

    EDIT: Angie Mama, yes.... continue that sentence.... "and give to GOD what belongs to GOD" (Luke 20:25)

    Acts 15:29

    In answer Peter and the other apostles said: “We must obey God as ruler rather than men"

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    (YOU) have "My Vote" As Someone who IMAGINES in Your OWN-MIND that Your Question is Some-How Clever & Unique !

    "In ALL" Actuality; All that U R is a Hero In "Your OWN Mind" ! ! !

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    This is one of the few areas (VERY FEW AND MINOR AREAS) where I agree with JWs.

    We are citizens of the kingdom of heaven, not of this earth. (Read Philipians 3). We are called to obey authorities (Rom 13), but we do not have to worship our countries where we live.

    If JWs would repent from their false translation of the Bible and bad theology, then they can be real Christians.

    Why do you guys buy this Russell lie?? Get in a real church like Calvary Chapel!!

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    Don't you know they consider the biggest things in the Bible as small things and vice versa? They are just some puppets in the arms of satan

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