The best pain killer for knee pain?

I'm in some serious knee pain. I have a torn ACL, but am unable to have surgery at the moment. What can i do to prevent or lesson my pain? What is the best pain killer?

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    There is no BEST pain relief medication. Each patient has a need for the medication which best meets the needs of their condition, level of pain, and other related medical conditions. For many with an ACL injury, management with a Non-steriodal anti-inflammatory agent such as ibuprofen (MOTRIN) naproxen (Aleve) or a COX-2 such as celecoxib (Celebrex) control the discomfort and increases function. For others, their condition or pain tolerance requires a stronger medication such as tramadol or even hydrocodone. These last 2, however are both opioid medications and may be habit forming, therefore, they are usually preferred for use in patients in the immediate pre and postoperative periods.

    If surgery has been recommended, the physician should recommend appropriate medication, if it does not control the pain, contact your physician and ask for something stronger.

    I will tell you that when people approach a physician with a particular medication in mind, they are often thought of as "drug seeking", even when they are earnestly trying to manage their pain. Discuss the pain with your physician and let them prescribe an appropriate medication.

    Source(s): Pain Management/Headache Specialist
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    Best Medicine For Knee Pain

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    Guide To Chronic Knee Pain!

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    Not what you are looking for, but at night put a pillow under your knee which elevates it. Think about what sports people do. Put heat on it, or cream to increase blood flow. Also, pain is your body's way of telling you to change hurts. Luck to you!

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    go see a chiropractor.

    i had knee pain. the orthopedic surgeon said i absolutely need surgery and i would be in a cast for 10 weeks. but first take these pain killers.

    then a friend said go see a chiropractor first to get a second opinion. so i went the chiropractor. She massaged my spine and gave me ultra sound on my knee. I went for a few days

    and the pain in my knee went away completely.

    the orthopedic just wanted to make money.

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    for a torn acl, you'll need to talk to your dr or pharmacist, at the least. i have (on multiple occasions) sprained various joints in my knee and find aleve (naproxen) works the best for over the counter stuff

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    If your having surgery soon, then stay away from blood thinners like motrin, alleve, (all nsaids)

    If not, then motrin should help. I doubt if tylenol would work, but you could try it.

    Of course the best medicine is the narcotic, prescribed by your doctor.

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