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i need info on political corruption!!?

the answers i got on everything else helped alot!! please help me!!!

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    MOLLYTK7: Excellent question!

    Take a good look at the government in Illinois. Political corruption is an olympic sport in Illinois.

    After serving their terms in office, Illinois usually puts their Governor's and their closest friends in prison for corruption. Really, check it out. Governor Kerner, Governor Walker, Governor Ryan (currently in prison). The current Governor's closest political fundraiser, Tony Rezko, is in jail and on trial for corruption. The current Governor is referred to in Rezko's indictment, and will probably follow him to jail.

    Rezko is also Barrack's former best friend and supporter.

    Then there is the Chicago Political "Machine". Plenty of material here.

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    The Bush administration is a good first hand example of political corruption

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    follow the starts on the grassroots level and works its way up...i do have a little experience in this area but your question is a little vague...personally i have learned to be wary of someone who doesn't have much economically getting into public life because they are much easier to corrupt. i know that opinion will not be popular but it's a fact that i've witnessed time and time again

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    Check: Capitol corruption scandals web site.

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