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When will "Malcolm In The Middle" move out?

Surely by now it should be "Middle Aged Malcolm".

When will people realize that a cute child actor, or actress, will outgrow being both a child and cute.

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    in the final episode that aired in 2006

    Malcolm struggles with his speech as Valedictorian of his graduating class. Reese attempts to become a high school janitor permanently. Francis finds a 9-5 job he actually enjoys. Hal has problems with Malcolm's Harvard tuition. The family says goodbye, as Malcolm leaves for college. 3 months later Lois becomes pregnant again.

    Malcolm has the chance of a highly lucrative career in computer software, but the offer is blocked by his parents, who have higher goals in mind for him - as the first US President to actually understand the plight of the underdog. Fate also has a surprise turn in store for Lois and Hal: in the final scene, she exits the bathroom with what appears to be a positive pregnancy test in her hand; cut to "ext. house", cue screaming and fade to black

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    Malcolm in the Middle ended years ago with his graduation from High School and entrance into Harvard. It airs in syndication on FX in America, but only in repeats.

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