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there is this guy that i really like..what should i do????

he is one year older than me. I’m in "sup" he is in "spé" (engineering studies in morocco) anyway there are just some looks and i can sense something between us... im really shy...all my friend always tell me that he looks at me but i cant look at him... im super shy and it sucks... i cant do anything to make him feel that im interested in him... a friend of mine gave me his nbr but still i don’t know what to do with it...what a loser i am

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    It's just like getting into the cold water! At first it is frigid & unappellin, but after you've gone in your entire body adjusts to it! Love is the same way! Take your time! Your shyness will help you prevent some bad experiences. Love can never be forced or hurried.Any time that occurs. only bad is the result! So, take your time & allow things to occur naturally to you in the ways of love! Don't be swayed by what you think you see going on around you in the lives of other people! You'll find that it takes all you've got just to live your own life & there's no real time to worry about the lives of others!

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    Go for it! If you think he likes you, then you're always going to regret it if you don't at least have a go. The worst he can do is turn you down.

    Text him, ask if he wants to go out for a drink - something casual. Don't sound too worked up over it.

    Just relax and be yourself and I'm sure it'll work out fine!

    Good luck and all that!

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    surely u haven forgot how to drop your books and add a little bigger smile,u no the usual come on,and slack off routine?

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