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Transfering files in a Wireless LAN Network?

I have a wireless LAN Network with 2 laptops and 2 desktop PCs (1 laptop is running Vista Home Premium, rest are all running XP). I can send files between all of them and access each computer from another one in the network, expect for 1 of the desktop PCs. I can't access or send files to/from one of my desktop PCs even though it is in the network and has the same work group as all the other computers, it keeps saying that the network path was not found. When I open the Network and Sharing Center on my Vista laptop and click on my network to see who is in it, all the computers are under my network's name expect for the PC that I can't send anything to, even though it is in the network, its connected to the same router and uses the same internet connection. So I'm thinking it has something to do with that.

Kind of a tricky problem, I know, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It is in the firewall. set the impacted PCs firewall so it allows print and file sharing. If the impacted PC is a vista pc be sure to tell vista your network is a home or business network not a public network. if set to public, vista shuts down sharing.

    Good luck

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    What you recommend would paintings, yet you at the instant are not any further going to be certain something everywhere close to to 3 hundred MB/sec. whether you acquire the theoretical optimum speed on gigabit, that should in straight forward words be around 119 MB/sec. There are commonly diverse bottlenecks that shrink the circulate value to plenty decrease than that even. On my gigabit LAN, I many circumstances see actually international overall performance someplace contained regionally of 60 - 70 MB/sec. hardpersistent circulate expenditures, PCI bus speed hindrances, etc commonly come into play long till now you will attain something coming near the optimum circulate value of gigabit. yet specific, to respond on your question, such using fact the gigabit substitute on your setup would assist you progression between the computers on your LAN at approximately 6 situations swifter than you're at present.

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