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cant access all sites on Internet?

i got a new comp running vista i am running norton anti virus

the problem is i can not access most of the sites i try to go to some i can one day and not the next I have cleared my temp files and tried turning off norton as well and still can not access sites loads about 1 third of the way then says page not available i am hooked up to the phone usually loads for a good three minutes before page not found comes up Any suggestions would be very helpful Thanks

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    Since you say you're "hooked up to the phone" and it takes "a good three minutes before page not found comes up", I'm guessing you have dial-up internet service. My suggestion is to contact your internet service provider (ISP) and seek their assistance. The problem might not even be yours. You're paying your ISP good money every month for service and it's their obligation to provide that service.


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