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i want wwe and tna fans to answer this but if ROH made it to tv would you actually watch one week?

this is for all wwe and tna fans, would you be willing to give ROH a chance if it ever came on tv, i would like to see ROH get more recognition on yahoo answers because i personally think they deserve it.


i want ROH actually get some recognition on these forums now.

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    For sure bcz i've already seen a few pay-per-view events on dvd.If fans of WWE or TNA like a "pure" style of technical wrestling with the focus aimed squarely at wrestling~ as opposed to storylines or gimmicks~ then they will like ROH.I'm convinced if ROH had the same resources or finance as WWE or TNA, they too would be one of the main wrestling promos in the USA.

    The most recent i've seen was Take no Prisoners from last December & some of the highlights include:

    Nigel McGuinness retaining the ROH title v Austin Aries.

    Bryan Danielson beating Takeshi Morishima

    Claudio Castognoli beating Chris Hero.

    The Briscoes beating No Remorse Corps.

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    That is a pile of crap and you know it. Most of these independent wrestling fans are wrestling fans through and through. The whole point of wrestling is to be entertained, that is the reason why real wrestling fans get out of their comfort zone and make an attempt to sit back and watch other promotions other than WWE 'Sports Entertainment.' The "hardcore, internet technical expertise audience" knows great wrestling when they see it and want to watch a wrestling match more than just the usual punches, kicks, and three signature moves which is the definition of WWE-style. As a wrestling fan, I go to the promotion which offers the best quality wrestling action for my buck and it is quite accurate to say that the in-ring wrestling product the WWE delivers is significantly inferior to that of Ring of Honor. The moves are not real like the UFC but the point of watching wrestling is to suspend your disbelief when watching a wrestling show. The "hardcore, internet technical expertise audience" does watch the WWE; however, they do not think it is the only promotion that matters and refuses to watch any other promotion because they think those promotions "suck," which is the attitude amongst a lot of WWE fans in the internet community nowadays. The WWE fans on the Internet wrestling community on Y!A do not want great wrestling. What they want is instant gratification and their penchant for complaining about John Cena's "five moves," Kelly Kelly, Hornswoggle, and Sheamus' main event push. And God forbid if a wrestling fan has the nerve to mention another promotion which is not the WWE and recommends ROH, Dragon Gate USA, and Chikara as suitable alternatives. They will be insulted and treated with scorn and ridicule by WWE marks. Also, it is not a good idea to lump WWE marks and TNA marks together in the same pot. They are distinctly different fans. TNA fans at least get out of their comfort zone and realize there is more to life than TNA. The truly foolish fans are the fans who are close minded and think that only one promotion matters and any alternative other than their precious Sports Entertainment "sucks," "boring" and is a "third rate, cheap and dirty wrestling promotion." I have come to appreciate truly great quality wrestling the more and more I watch my ROH DVDs.

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    Since TNA sold out ROH is the only proper wrestling company.

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    I would watch them if they were on TV.

    And I agree that Ring of Honor should get some recognition here. A lot of good wrestlers we see in WWE and TNA have actually created their gimmicks, characteristics, and movesets in Ring of Honor. However, until more people are willing to try and watch as much ROH as possible, all you will see is WWE and the small amount of TNA (which is mostly complaints).


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    Yes I Order ROH PPV Sometimes And There usually Good I would Love ROH With A broadcast TV Station


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    ROH has been on TV and I think it still is TWC Fight i saw it on.

    I thought it was OK but the matches are 2 long 4 me.

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    In fact ROH have a big of reconition in Yahoo Answers in Español.

    This really was a surprise for me, I think that in Yahoo Answers everybody Knows about ROH, but i see that i was Wrong.

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    wwe - not bad

    tna- decent

    roh-really good , and i would give roh a chance to make it big on tv

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    If ROH was in T.V. yeah since I love watching wrestling. But I will only watch it is they have good wrestlers.

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