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Does "backward cowgirl" refer to a woman that habitually mounts a horse from the right instead of the left as

is customary? Some lady said she was going to show me how to do that, what's the big deal?

Poll: Head em up or Move em out?

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    Wonder was laying down on his back one night ...

    when he had the most fantastical and magical dream ever:

    Two hot cats were on top of me.

    One was facing away from me, bouncing up and down like a festive clown, and the other was massaging my ******* with her soft paws.

    DREAMS are the BEST, aren't they?


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    Backward Cowgirl

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    The official definition of 'backward cowgirl':

    A nerdy geek cowgirl who wears her shirts backwards, wears an outlandish hot pink cowboy hat, and wouldn't know a horse if she was on one (noun).

    Antonym: As opposed to a 'forwards cowgirl' who wears authentic cowboy gear, and can tame (and ride) a wild stallion (all night long) and never gets chapped.

    Giddy up!

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    wow I think the best way to answer this is with an interpretive dance I made up.....I start kind of on the floor like a new born calf and then i begin my time on earth learning to walk and moo. As I grow i then graze the smokey horizon with many of stallions who I see be mounted on many sides and then I am brought to the slaughter house and I die.

    I like head and then move em out

    Source(s): I hope this dance proves how capable I am of being a cowgirl
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    Why yes Cowbell, from the brief time I lived in Texas I believe you are correct. Not sure why it's a big deal really ... does it really matter as long as you end up IN the horse?

    Oh wait ... that did NOT come out right - not at all. I meant ON ... on the horse. Geez ... sometimes my secret thoughts get away from me. (* smacks forehead)

    Mount 'em .. then move 'em out! Absolutely!!

    Peace ... to you! ;-)


  • The city slickers here in the Northeast call it the "reverse cowgirl". Ask her to play your "rusty trombone", too.

    It's not a real big deal, just a change of scenery.

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    Something comes to mind about a nekked woman with boots, a stetson, a whip and spurs while wearing a strap on implement of a devious nature.

    Be afraid, be very afraid

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    1 decade ago

    Snaps for revenginator.

    It actually refers to a cowgirl who walks backwards. Usually it has to do with a severe neurological problem. Sadly, these women can usually only make a living doing porno movies.

    By "sadly" I mean "woo hoo!"

  • It's no big deal, it just makes it easier for the horse to pretend it has a different rider......horses need that sometimes.

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    either that or someone who prefers whole wheat to cornbread. Head em up

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