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ACH Deposit Into Wrong Account What Is This Process Called?

Hi I recently had a check that was suppose to be direct deposited into my savings account But I accidentally forgot one number from my saving account When I contacted my bank she placed my on hold Then returned and asked me if I could get to the nearest branch within 15 minutes and I told her yes I went to the branch and teller contacted someone and submitted my information along with correct banking information

Basically instead of the bank reversing the deposit because the account number was wrong, they catch it and place it in the correct account. But you must catch it before 12pm or they send it back.

I've contacted my bank about 4-5 times since then asking them what this process is called The first customer service rep told me but I forgot it once I got to the bank and told the teller Now when I call the bank no one knows what this process is called They keep saying Stop Payment Reverse but its neither one of those

Do anyone know what this process is called?


I did go to my bank. I went there to start the process. But when I contacted the bank by phone to check if the process was submitted, I couldn't remember the name of it and everyone I spoke with thought I was talking about a deposit that had been reversed or a stop payment.

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    You are apparently wasting your time on the phone. Why dont you just go into the branch and ask for a manager? Tellers are sometimes clueless.

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