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From London, How should I get to Mexico city?

I'm going to Mexico for one month, in June. I've found a flight for £675 round trip from london to mexico city. However, theres a round trip flight to austin, texas for £557. I was thinking that the adventure i would have getting to mexico city from austin would be pretty exciting and wondered if anyone would have any recommendations/warnings/ideas?

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    British Airways has a non-stop flight from London to Mexico City;) you will be tired of you go from Austin to Mexico City...

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    I would fly straight to Mexico City. Just be careful, because Mexico City is a very dangerous place. I am flying to Mexico City in May, but as soon as I land, I will collect my luggage and get on a bus to Cuernavaca. This city is beautiful and home to Hernan Cortes. I will be attending one of the best Spanish schools in Mexico, Universidad Internacional (International University).

    By the way, the bus ride is boring and I would not recommend it. It is very dangerous if you can't speak Spanish fluently. Austin is still four or five hours from the Mexican border. Plus, you may have to pay a visa fee to enter into Mexico. It is safer to fly straight to Mexico and travel around Mexico. I would recommend visiting the ruins (pyramids) of Teotihuacan; Tepoztlan; Puebla; Taxco; Cuautla.

    Here are a few websites.

    Source(s): I live in Texas and travel to Mexico City and the border towns all the time.
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    Well, I did the bus ride myself from Texas to Mexico once and it is a grueling trip. The bus trip from texas to Mexico City takes over 24 hours with few stops to even rest, much less tourism. If you still want to travel in the north, there should be good forums out there about little villages in northern Mexico that are still safe and have a nice indian feel to them. However, I think you should get to Mexico City as starters and use the rest of the trip travelling in central Mexico for the fun of it. Bus travelling and staying at hostels in states like Puebla or Oaxaca will be safe and very fun for you.

    You'll need to converts your Pounds to pesos as soon as possible at the airport, they are useless in Mexico.

    There's plenty to do in Mexico City, but you'll probably visit most of the touristy areas in 1 week, that would easily leave you more than enough time to travel around. Being June, not yet the rainy season, but Veracruz might be lush and green enough to make it a delightful trip. I highly reccomend you to go to that state. Best locally grown coffee in the world.

    Oh, being British, while many mexicans can understand english, they are going to have a huge headache understanding your british accent. Be patient and speak slowly without using too much slang or nobody will understand you. Heck, I can't understand what Brits say!!!

    Don't believe all of that tourists are kidnapped every 5 seconds in mexico, it's false.

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    Well, you can take a bus from Austin to Mexico City, if you like. the buses are VERY nice...the "luxury" level buses are a bit higher priced than the "1st class", but both are very nice. They are safe and it would be an adventure. When you arrive in Mexico City, you would need to take a taxi to your hotel. Go to the taxi counter INSIDE the bus terminal to pay and get a ticket to take out to the taxi line. These taxis are safe and you will have prepaid. You would need to take Greyhound bus to Mc Allen , Tx, then Senda bus to Mexico City. There is a luxury (ejecutivo) one every day at 6 pm and 1st class one at 7 pm. Cost for the Greyhound is $40USD. Bus station in Mc Allen is very nice. Mc Allen is a nice, safe city, and you will not need to be catcing a bus or changing buses in a Mexican border town. Cost for the SENDA is 946 pesos (about $90 USD) or 752 pesos ( about $70 USD).If you need info on great place to stay in mexico city or other help, just email me.

    Edit: Just saw the "how dangerous it is " answer. NOT TRUE. i am a single American woman and travel in Mexico with no problems at all. The buses are VERY safe. if you do not plan to hag out with drug dealers in a border town, you will be just fine. Just use your common sense, try not to look like a stupid gringo, be wise, don't flash money, or do other blatantly stupid things...that you wouldn't even do at home. I will be making this bus trip myself in june and have no wories at all.

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    You may want to look at

    450 pounds

    The pound as you know is not easily accepted here.

    There are banking machines at Mex city airport and all over Mexico travellers checks are accepted at banks and all "Casas de Cambio" in the resort cities.

    In Acapulco they are now giving 18 pesos for the "Libra"as it is called here

    I think you will find all the excitement you are looking for right.

    Are you going to other parts of Mexico?

    Bus travel to either coast is safe and the buses are now nearly all first class. the cost to either cost is slightly over 20 pound.

    This site can be very helpful and you CAN get some great information.

    Like any other it has its people that think its funny that ask a perfectly good question.

    I have a British passport and live all over North America. I spend most of the Canadian winters here and the U.S.

    I have travelled in 23 of Mexico's 31 States .

    Enjoy Mexico and take the previous answer seriously. Border towns were not designed for tourists. Many are dangerous wit a high Number of Mexicans that have been returned to Mexico. As well as Latin Americans trying to make their way north.

    If you are paying 575 pounds you are flying air only.

    Beware of your arrival time in .D.F.(not so safe at night)

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    If you are traveling by yourself Do Not Think About It, unless you speak prefect spanish and look like a Mexican. Even with some friend it is still very dangerous. Do not worry about the people on the street but fear for your life when you see the Police. Almost all will steal for you and pull you aside, Saying things like Special Police as they take you off somewhere. And NO ONE will intervine with them. They will take everything of value from you and send you on your way in one piece, hopefully. Believe me because it happen to me. And since you are crossing the border you will have to deal with the police. I would follow most people advice and FLY DIRECT.

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    Fly direct. The border towns are a little rough these days.

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    Fly direct nothing to see in the US

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    Hi, I went about travelling from California to Mexico city and I turned back, its very far but mostly it is very dangerous. You could very easily never be heard off again.

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    Ive heard the border towns are notoriously dangerous, I have relatives in Arizona and they wont go anymore, best sticking to the tourist places I'm afraid.

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