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Family Guy made a crack about soldiers, saying "Ah, yes. The bottom 10% of our high school class is off to...

fight another battle" in an episode about army recruitment.

Does this represent the subconscious of America? Is this what people really think? Is this the unspoken truth? Is this why the children of the wealthy never go to fight in wars? Is this why when veterans come home, they are ignored by lawmakers, given poor health care, and left to live homeless on America's streets and get beaten up for fun by both gangs and the police alike?

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    I dont watch it..or The Simpsons...see The dems had this election sewed up from the start..everybody hates the war and Bush and would have pretty much voted for somebodys what do the dems do?...they give us a choice between the Most Hated Woman In America and some dude that scares the bejeezus out of people with his racism and his ties to fund raising for mid east terror groups and his cut rate luxury home buying and his fawning connections to a minister that gave a lifetime achievement award to LOUIS FARRAKHAN?..this is THE BEST they have to offer us?....

  • No. It indicates the political bent of the writers of Family Guy. The fact is that the bottom 10% and the predominately poor statement has been exposed as liberal BS. A simple search will provide you with the truth.

    By the way, I dropped out of high school right after I started 12th grade. My SAT was 1485 and my GPA was 3.88. Living in Detroit was too dangerous and I wanted a way out. I was in the bottom 10% economically, but I changed that. My son is serving in the military and his SAT score was 1570 and he has a college degree. I can say from experience that the writers of Family Guy are full of crap.

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    That line was stolen from the Onion, in an article written for the FIRST gulf war. You could probably find it if you looked.

    But seriously, I knew a lot of really smart, and a lot of really dumb, people when I was in the army. They came from all sorts of backgrounds too. From what I've seen it's not necessarily representative. True there are a lot of people from poorer backgrounds, but that's because the military is a great opportunity to learn a trade and get some savings built up. Just so long as you don't get shot.

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    Family Guy usually makes cracks about race, polictics, and the like all the time. Most of the time they crack them to simply be funny or to show everyone how stupid it sounds when you stereotype certain things. In this case it is about children that don't do well in school automatically go to the military. Doesn't that sound crazy and untrue? Well, that was basically the point.

    Therefore, it is not syndicated TV that reflects why there is unfair treatment to our Veterans.

    Family Guy is a comedy show, please just take the joke. Nower days it seems like laughs are just hard to come by.

    Have a good day and I hope I helped :)

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    I was Upper middle class and I joined the military. Loved it.

    Wasn't the bottom of the class of 600 either. I was on the High Honors. But I was raised by a Military man and had to go that way for myself. Never regretted it. I didn't meet "the bottom feeders" But I did meet men and women who were willing to put their personal agendas, their designer wardrobes on the line for you and me.

    The way we treat our returning vets is abominable.

    I guess unless you have served you reallly don't know, and sadly they sit behind their mahogny desks while our soldiers and Marines lose arms and legs.

    Ah.. the irony of it all.

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    I am proud to be an American, and I hate to say it but this episode is not lying. Recruiters will go to the impoverished areas of America and they will recruit u by telling u everything they can give u. But most of these people who r in the military will be the 1st to tell u that the military lied to them and promised a bunch of stuff, but did not deliver.

    I support our troops, but I don't support the war. I know a lot of people in the military including my own mother and brother-in-law. I was also gonna join the military, and they were the 1st to tell me not to and just to go to college instead and get a degree. This is the reason why the wealthy will not go to war.

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    I think our troops should get more respect. Even though all these really well educated people get all the attention, if it wasnt for the troops, then none of us would be alive right know, and this wouldnt be the great country that it is today.

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    My doctor feels the exact same way. And somehow, you have to agree. How many educated, wealthy people in America do you see fight in wars?


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    Clearly your preception.

    You couldn't back your charges with facts though

    ...and as for your social programs...our soldiers didn't go off to defend the principles of the USA so they could return to live off the government and become wards of the state.

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    Well, for people who can't afford to go to college and don't have the grades to get an academic scholarship, government tuition assistance from "volunteering" in the armed forces is one of the best ways to get that degree paid for.

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    John Kerry said it. It could be. But, a lot of smart kids lives are being lost. A graduate from Duke died in Iraq not too long ago.

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