Why do white nations allow immigration of nonwhites?

I was wondering why don;t they remain exclusive homogenous societies... there countries were doing so well before why are they now allowing outsiders in? what is the logical explanition... I don;t think it is economics becasue the countries were doing well before.... Japan is almost a completely homogenous society only a few countries are purely one race... they don;t allow immigration and as a result they have a lot less violence and crime and a lot more economic prosperity.... so whats the reason???


asian liberatrain why should japans economy keep growing to infinity, economies should eventually stablize... we can keep draining our natural resources forever.... this idea of continued consumerism is over burdening the planet. It would do the world a lot of good if the world accepted stable economies, this way they would need to deal with needless immigration in an already crowded nation...

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    obviously you don't know nothing about japan. japan's population is graying and their labor force is shrinking. the president of Bank of Japan made a statement last month that Japan should ease up their immigration policy drastically or their economy will helplessly shrink. i am pretty sure that japan will be forced to open up their country within a few decades despite their conservativeness. in any case average Japanese are more lax on race issues than racially paranoid white Americans. study the subject if you want to make your point.

    Immigration is always about enhancing their economy. racists accuse immigrants that they came to their country to suck wealth. HOW NAIVE! We live in CAPITALISM! Governments are the ones after the wealth that immigrants are going to produce in their respective country. Governments are salivating on taxing their income, specially the US government since they have fiscal and trade deficit that well surmounts their wealth or GDP; they are borrowing money more than they produce or have. That is why the US government is tacitly allowing the US dollar to get weaker, so that their debt payment would be easier: they can print more dollars to pay back debts. Ben Bernanke used to say that as a scholar before he became the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

    Can't you see that immigration is a win-win situation for every side: governments, immigrants and the nationals who enjoy the enhanced economy?

    [EDIT]: Japan is not fretting about not being able to infinitely expand their economy. They are fretting about being reduced to a third world nation. That is how dire the situation can be: that country has peeked out. The question is not expanding but STABILIZING the economy as you said it yourself. You misconstrued my point. That country has no natural resources. The only thing they can rely on is manpower. That's why now Japanese firms have started head hunting and recruiting Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino IT engineers. You really have no idea about the predicament that country is facing; The only natural resource they have is humans. The population will start to shrink within this decade due to the graying population and fewer younger generations. The demographic is changing. The only way they can remedy the situation is by accepting immigrants as labour force.

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    That's because white nations feel pressured by America to allow other races in. Which should probably not be allowed. A homogenous society is a place I would definitely live in. It would be a nice change to get to know my culture more closely without interference.

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    I don't think Japan's low crime rate is to do with their immigration policies. It's probably more to do with their socioeconomic policies.

    And "white nations" allow non-whites to emigrate to their countries because it's only fair to give everyone a chance to live wherever they want to (of course within reason - setting limits to how many people can come etc..)

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    I suppose the aboriginals could say the same thing about Americans and Canadians.

    "Things were a lot better before we let those people in."

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    Have we a BNP supporter here?

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    Because its racist... and that word is VERY powerful...

    Plus other country's push it sense it does weaken a nation by dividing them on issues.

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    Then who would they disriminate against

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    I think you are retarded. I know you are not Indian so your family is an immigrant too dumbass.

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    I disagree completely with you.

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    what era are you from???

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