Visiting Mexico?

Does my passport need to be valid for 6 months before i visit Mexico? Because i just recently got mine. Also do i need a visa to visit Mexico? Can someone help?

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    Technically the FMT is a is commonly called a tourist card and you get it at the border or on the do not have to apply for it or go to the embassy for an interview...that is why it is VERY different than what is usually called a "visa." If a Mexican citizen wants to visit the U.S., he must have a visa ...THIS is a VISA!!! Takes a lot of time, money, and paperwork to apply for one and most applications are denied. The little tourist card you get to enter Mexico is very different. The language can be confusing...but the process of getting an FMT to enter Mexico is drastically different from applying for a "visa" to enter the U.S. or many other countries. There are other types of true visas which people who plan to stay in Mexico longer or conduct business in Mexico must apply for. These types of visas do involve applications, larger fees, and embassy interviews at times.

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    Your passport is indeed valid and YES YOU DO NEED A VISA

    If you are flying in to Mexico you will need it

    You will be given a VISA form known as an FM T(Federal migration Tourist) is usually issued for 180 days which is the Maximum length of time you can spend on that particular "VISA" Do not Tamper with it and do not lose it. It is a form and you will be given the lower portion and be sure to sign it "Twice" on the back. It is NOT a card. It is form that technically you are required to carry with you. Chances are you will not be asked for it .Keep it in a safe place as you are required to surrender it upon your departure.

    Normally you are given one on the plane and if you make a mistake--not to worry they are all over the airport counters as you near 'La Migra"

    If you are flying to and within the "Border Zone" you will not need a visa.

    These people who answered that you DO NOT NEED A VISA have obviously never been to Mexico and should not have even answered your question.

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    all you need is your passport it does not matter how new it is just as long as it is not expired.

    this guy that answeres after me don't know what he is talking about. i live in tijuana, the mexican customs don't even ask for a passport, the reason why you need the passport is just to get back into the states, my husband is american he crosses every day, the most they will ask you is to fill up a waiver, stating how long you are going to stay, and that is it.

    Source(s): i'm an often border crosser
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