can I change H1-B visa from co.A to co.B while I was paying tax through 1099 form with co.A?

I have been in USA since 2006 with H1-B visa from company A and I am paying tax through 1099 form not W2 with company A , now I find anther job with better payment and my plane to work with company B , my question is it problem if I show them that I was paying tax by 1099 form with company a ?can I change the visa from company A to company B

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Company "A" is breaking the law. You cannot be an independent contractor on an H1B visa. Report "A" to the Internal Revenue Service and Citizenship and Immigration Service.

  • 1 decade ago

    if co. B is willing to sponsor your transfer well & good... but, you'll need to show a pay stub when co. B process your papers. meaning it'll become more complicated, sometimes it doesn't work...

    besides, you should've been on the books if you were H1B sponsored with co. A... sorry...

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