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AUDITION SONGS?! HEEeLPP(im not a pro) 10 pts!!?

Ok me and my friend are auditioning for this american idol thing at our school and we need asong that will "wow" the judges keep in mind we are thirteen so are vocals are pretty weak but we are ok singers and we really need help because auditions start tmr we were gonna sing Rockstar by hannah montanna (we split into a duet) but its too instrumental!! We really need help


I love the song no air, but is it hard to sing, and would be a good duet for two girls to sing like one could sig jordin sparks and the other chris brown?!

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    I would go with "No Air" By Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown or if thats to much...

    "Suddenly" By Ashley Tisdale. That is a great song that you will love! Split it into a duet. Its not that instrumental....and its pretty soft not to rough.

    If you want a harder song like "Rockstar" the HM song:

    "Tattoo" By Jordin Sparks a really gewd song that is not bad but its a little fast.....

    I reccomend Suddenly and then maybe Everytime we touch by Cascada the SLower Version.



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    Try Everytime We Touch by Cascada (soft version) or Say That You Love Me by No Doubt. Those would probably be great for a middle school audition. Have fun and good luck! :)

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    the best thing i could say is dont sing a slow song but something more fun and upbeat that will be entertaining and fun and will also take the focus off of just your focus but make them focus more on your performance something like i wont say im in love or lets hear it for the boys

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    The star spangled banner is a good choice. It will show that you have vocal range. It is also a song that is easy to sing with no music and it will showcase your voice.

    If you make it your own trust me you will wow them!!!

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    u should sing since been gone by kelly clarkson..i sing it all the time and it's actually pretty easy and u can sing it your own...and i think it would "wow" the judges. :] hope i helped :]

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