Where do all the innocent babies go?


Hypothetically, if the last day of judgement were to come, what would happen to all the innocent babies.

What about the little muslim babies who cant even talk, will they go to jannah?

What about other religion babies, they are still innocent, and who knows what if they convert and become respected muslims, do they go to jannah?


i know we probably cant say because it is up to Allah (SWT) but still what do you think?

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    Insha'llah For all the innocent babies will go to jannah. For they just came from being with Allah(swt). We are all born without sin(pure) until we reach the age of 7yrs old. At this age we start to be influence by our friends, family, and environment. That's why in Islam we begin to have our child(ren) start to pray the 5 daily prayers, so they will remember Allah(swt) and be less influence by the world.

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    All the children who die after 4 months of gestation in the womb, die of a still birth, or die before the age of 10 years old go to Jinnah. They will not be asked about anything on the Day of Judgment because before the age of 10 they don't know right from wrong. When they hit the age of 10 years old they will be questioned about all their actions on Earth and will have to either suffer punishment in Hell for a certain number of time(For Muslims), the non Muslims will continue to live in Hell for all eternity. If a child dies before 3 months gestation it doesn't go to Jinnah or Jahannam because it doesn't have a soul. Therefore it isn't a human being. A fetus becomes a baby at 40 days gestation, and a human being at 4 months gestation. 4 months gestation is when ALLAH(SWT) gives the soul to the fetus making it a human being. 10 is the age of accountablity in Islam because by 10 a child has to be fasting all Ramadan and praying 5 times a day.

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    They're not babies yet until they're born. Our bodies can harm eggs, damage eggs, and some people have miscarriages and they're not considered killing a baby they're just considered it didn't work out. Well I know that people that go into get an abortion have to be all legal and there are certain aspects they have to follow. It is very strict. Sometimes it doesn't work out to get pregnant or have a baby. Some people were raped, or didn't use enough protection. There are many reasons for people to get abortions. and when darwin said survival of the fittest, he meant the best apt to survive. Meaning if polar bears were placed in the ocean, they wouldn't be fit and would die. He didn't propose purposely killing, he just meant that the fittest and the best suited creatures to roam an area would survive

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    Every baby of this earth irrespective of any religion will enter Jannah by the mercy of Allah, Insha-Allah. All the babies will be turned into elder ones(40 years) & will be sent to Heaven...

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    remember, we are all born muslims. also remember that babies are without sin.......the way i look at it is that since babies are muslim and all have no sin, they are going to jannah...insha'Allah. i'm not sure if i'm right but i guess that's jus kinda what i tried to figure out, because i learned that we are all born muslim and then our parents convert us to other religions, that's why when someone finds islam they are called reverts because they are coming back to islam because they were born that way. islam is believing in one god, and that's how Allah (swt) made it, with babies believing in oneness of god! um, hoped i helped!



    GRASSFEL...:::::::: Um, you do know that your not supposed to just skip over hadiths that you see based on your conveinance right? ALL hadiths are to be taken seriously, if there is a hadith that you feel is false, still carry it out Allah (swt) may reward you in the hereafter. I don't think it's right to "make fun" of someone else because they have great knowlege and they believe the hadiths.

    May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.

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    babies are babies,they dont have any ability to make a choice,their conscience level is not mature enough to determine the right path. Janaah and Jahanum are the awards of Allah Allmighty,according to the choices we have made in this world.thats why the Guidance is Only given by Allah,and Allah Alone,Prophets Messangers came to deliver Allah's Message,and even they didnt have the power to give guidance,because Jannah and Jahanum has been created by Allah Alone,so therefore it is Allahs Prerogative to award either of the two,justly,to us according to our choices

    Source(s): by quoting abu huraira and bukhary and muslim will lead you no where,dont follow Authentic Conjecture ,Follow Glorious Quran Alone,
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    all children under age of puberty will go to heaven...

    simple answer.. no need to discuss it..

    as for hadeeths...

    remember.. these are not written in stone.. they are not the words of the Quran

    Mohammed himself said "there will be hadeeths attributed to me and people will say I said this or that, when I DIDNT".. use your logic and compare it to the Quran.. if it doesnt sound right, then it wasnt said by me...

    so therefore.. when I have learned that all babies are innocent and pure... I personally wouldnt put too much store in the devil pinching hadeeth.. ive also never heard of it ... OH.. and all babies dont cry at birth... Mine didnt....

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    every one is Born Muslim and Muslim go in JANNAH

  • Salams,

    First off all I would like to say to Muslims please do not confuse MYTHS with ISLAM, I am refering to the comment made by our Sister Yahoo Addict, that babies are piched by Satan when they are born that's why they cry! (please don't take this as an attack). BUT if you sure about what you said I suggest you give us a reference from QU'RAN or other wise it would be wise to remove it, bcoz we don't want to misslead anyone. : ) ok

    I have some info regarding this, I just need to find it!


    None will enter the Paradise except by the Mercy of Allah.

    Note: Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: “None shall enter the Jennah (Paradise) except with the Mercy of Allah.” When asked by his companions: “Even you? O, prophet of Allah?” And He replied: “Even me.”

    None will enter the Fire except those who have earned it.

    Note: Quran says: "Therefore, I have warned you of a blazing Fire (Hell). None shall enter it except the most wrected."

    I will try to find the info to answer ur question

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