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Im in grade 7, wanna be a park warden or something like that. Any tips on how to be that?

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    In Texas the Texas Parks and Wildlife have several divisions. The Game Wardens now must have a college degree. The biologists mostly have degrees in wildlife, biology,, fisheries or such. The parks have persons working there that don't have degrees from a university but most of those are interns.

    The game wardens must also complete their training academy that includes law enforcement. They are peace officers as well as game wardens.

    None of these pay a great deal but it is a rewarding career.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Master of Science in Public Administration Wildlife Science Major
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    Warden Park Specialist School is a secondary school based in Cuckfield, West Sussex UK. It specializes in maths, ICT and modern foreign languages. There are approximately 1500 students aged from 11 to 16 years old.

    The Headteacher is Mr Steve Johnson and the Chair of the Governing Body is Clare Collins.

    South East Today

    In March 08, Warden Park School was shown on the BBC's South East Today. The programme had an article about the forthcoming introduction of new technology, Biometric (Fingerprinting), to be used by pupils to pay for their school meals. They currently use cash cards, but will use fingerprints when the technology is introduced.

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