1995 honda Pasport or Isuzu Rodeo black smog for few minutes?

the car drives ok has nice power, but, sometimes it will start like losing power and going like coughing and starts having a black smog from muffler then when stop car smell like burning oil, check oil and it’s ok, the car is not over heating, there is no oil under car, it will happens in the freeway like once or twice a day for 2or 3 minutes it feels like something get’s clog, choke, then the car return to normal,,, any Ideas ,, please help,,, still a nice car don’t want to lose it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    try using a product called seafoam you can buy it at autozone or advance auto it cleans out your fuel lines or pour in to your pcv valve hose while running and it will clean all that carbon build up i had the same problem and used it and it stop completely i really recomend trying it before bringing it to a shop good luck ps im sure this will work for you

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