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Should seal hunting be eliminated???

I saw on the news last night about how a few seal hunters were killed when their boat sank. Every year, hundreds of seals are murdered for their fur. The government does nothing about it (no anti-seal hunting law), which I think is quite dumb, because seals are living, and deserve not to be killed for selfish reasons. 3 guys die, it's a big deal (may they rest in peace though). I dont see the big deal, sorry to say, but I mean, these guys were out to kill innocent seals that are killed yearly for a selfish cause, and they meet their fate instead. No, I'm not saying it's a good thing these people died, but I mean, 3 guys die, a big deal is made. hundreds of seals are killed yearly for fur, i mean, there is such a thing as fake fur. Why is real fur seen as something so valuable, i mean, it's murder worn for superficial reasons. Should seal hunting be eliminated??? I think so. Maybe those guys wouldnt have died if seal hunting was outlawed. What's ur opinion on seal hunting???


If a species is continued to be hunted, it will eventually be extinct. Some people just dont learn from other extinct animals (Example: Tasmanian Tiger, Caspian Tiger, Dodo Bird, etc.) . Humans were not meant to rule, they're just smarter than all the other animals and basically, it's seen as survival of the fittest.

Update 2:

What happens when we run out of this animal resource, we move on and kill other animals? It's the 21st century, there are other options besides torturing an animal for something that could be made by machine.

Update 3:

We are smart, yet we don't know any better, or we never learn from past mistakes.

Update 4:

It does provide employment, true but then again, the only thing being gained is employment. The seal population may be high, and thriving, but isn't the hunting the reason many previous species became extinct?I know the population is in the millions, but what about the future, many years from now? Food, I do agree with, it is for a physical need, hunger, but shouldnt there be an alternative? I'm not saying everyone should go vegan and stuff, but i mean, we already kill many other animals crually for meat, like chickens, cows, pigs, etc. why should we kill seals too? it's bad enough we're killing animals already, no matter the population.

A few of you have good points, but baby seals? that's just wrong. Being born into a world to be skinned, that's just harsh and pointless. Why not let nature be? We already caused pollution, what else will humans damage?

Update 5:

employment = money gained

Update 6:

Times change, this is the 21st century, not the age of exploration where hunting for fur was necessary. It may be traditional to some, but it will end eventually, like many others.

Update 7:

I do agree with the Inuit though, since it is a part of their tradition (used to keep warm, tradition, etc.). As for commercial use, I see no use for it though.

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    The government does nothing about it? You are aware that this is one of the most regulated hunts in the world right.

    Here is a short list of some of the regulations put in place to protect seal population

    if you don't like that site here's DFO

    The government does lots about it. seal pups are banned from hunting and it's against regulations to skin alive.

    4 men died when their boat flipped as it was being towed by a coast guard vessel. They didn't die hunting although lots of people in the past have died in sealing accidents. To say they died for a selfish reason is the same as saying any injury or death on the job is selfish.

    The population of Harp seals off the coast of Newfoundland is currently over 5 million that is with an annual hunt every year. They are not about to vanish because of this seal hunt. And Sealers don't want to wipe seals and fish off the face of the planet because they depend on the ocean for their lively hood. These people work closer to nature then some of the people who protest them. Maybe if we listened to them we would find better ways to protect habitat because they know the problems better then anyone.

    Seals are not just being hunted for fur. the meat and oil is also taken.

    The majority of seals are shot hot hit with a hakipik. But when the tool is used properly it kills the animal instantly.

    I think the seal hunt is only a big deal because people have become so far removed from nature. We want to be friends with all of the animals yet we don't associate our actions as impacting them. We go to the store and not associate the meat we buy with a slaughter house. So when we see images of an animal being killed we are shocked but don't realize the burger that was supper was forced into a crowded room hit on the head and bled to death. Or that the pills we need to survive were tested on beagles or rats. Out of sight out of mind.

    I think as long as the hunt is regulated the way it is the hunt should continue. The harp seal population is thriving, and the hunt employs thousands of First Nations and Euro-Canadians. It give them up to 25% of their income or more. They are not out killing for pleasure they are earning money for their families. I see it as no worse then a rancher, farmer, or researcher.

    At least it isn't like Scotland where fisherman can shoot seals that get too close to their nets. They don't do anything with the animal just shoot it. The UK wants to ban seal products which I find funny because politicians want to expand culling of seals.

    You shouldn't kill an animal unless you are going to use it for something.

    Seal fur from what I've seen isn't as much about fashion that mink or fox is. It's more " I live in a freezing cold part of the world" The skin is water proof light, keeps you warm, and rarely causes alergies. So if your up in Labrador a set of seal skin mitts will last you all winter where as synthetic will get wet or not last.


    As I said before "baby seals" are not being slaughtered. It is against regulations to hunt seal pups still depending on their mother.

    The hunt of harp seals and others has gone on for centuries in Canada and the populations are still holding strong. I agree that we should not let a species be hunted to death. But by managing a quota that will not drastically impact the next generation the seal hunt can continue and the seals will continue to thrive.

    I don't think sealing is superficial. Many communities take part in the seal hunt for feed their own families as they have for generations. It has been a part of the Native and Atlantic Canadian culture for centuries. Many other nations continue to hunt seals for many reasons. Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Greenland, Iceland, Namibia, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and parts of the United States. In Canada it is heavily regulated and the hunt can take place on a large scale because the large population allows it. If anything some of these nations with out strict regulations could learn from Canada and introduce tighter seal regulations.

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    The historical importance is that it was a way of life for Northerners - they depended on the seal for warm clothing, for food, and for oil to heat their igloos. None of the seal went to waste. In later years, when the skins became a valuable commodity in their own right, the seal hunt provided employment for the native peoples.

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    Any senseless killing should be stopped.We are dealing with Japanese over whaling at the moment.There is no need to wear real furs-i agree..AND it is the 21st century,so whoever says grow up and get in the human race ought to have a look at themselves still behaving like caveman! Its not necessary to kill for clothing or trophy's or sport, The 21st century offers virtual sports,and entertainment for that.Kill to eat it,not for murder.The govt should set a limit per killing etc if it cant be stopped instead of folks going crazy.i feel sorry for the family's for their loss too. cheers :).

    Source(s): just my opinion thats all.
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  • i have to agree seal hunting is giving canada a bad reputation. if seal hunting was stopped there would be more than one positive thing about the elimination of seal hunting. it the first positive thing would be you would be saving a seals life instead of killing it for fun and for a stupid pair of boots you could save thousands of seals. it's stupid that the government doesn't stop anyone from seal hunting; let's see how they like gettng their home invaded, beaen sensless, and skinned alive. If it was a human, it would be a big deal. A living thing is a living thing, and life should be respected no matter what. Why kill the seals? we got cows and chickens for meat, and there's other alternatives for fashion, such as faux fur. People just dont learn.

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    No. Seals are just like any other resource. And YES, animals are resources.

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    Lets just make a comparison. I find Brad Pitt to be a very attractive man. Does that mean tomorrow I can kill him, gut him, and wear his skin around town? people would consider that wrong, huh? My question, what;s the difference? :@)

    Source(s): PETA Proud member since 1991!!!
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  • It is wrong, with the ability to produce synthetic 'furs' nowadays there is no need to kill animals for their skin.

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    The animals are not of an endangered species.

    I see no problem with it.

    Grow up, and join the human race....those whom God Himself gave DOMINION over all His creation.

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    you bet ye.

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