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Dell Latitude D600! doesn't turn on!?

one day i was playing a game....then suddenly the computer was hot so i guess it just shut down. SO i turned it off. The next day i tried turning it on but, only the lights of the caps lock and stuff light up for about 5 seconds then it just turns off again! i took out the battery pack and did it again but nothing happens! what should i do?!!!


the batteries are full charged and even with the adapter it still doesn't work......

Update 2:

plus right before my computer crashed....i downloaded zbots for cs 1.6 because i was you know if that caused the problem?

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    It may not be the same problem but I have a faulty D600.....the power connector is easily damaged......

    My problem was intermittent.....if I rotated the plug a little I could get power but after a month or more...

    (the connection was flaky, but the battery would keep it powered - once the battery died, I could do no more)

    Now I can get the lights to flash for a millisecond...but that's about it.....

    To fix my D600 will involve soldering on a replacement power connection onto the motherboard.....If you search the web you'll see that it is a common problem with that model..

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    Wel if you are under dells warranty just call them up and they will take care of it, but if not then the problem could be two thing.

    it could be that you files are corrupt and you need to back up your important files first then run dells recovery during start up (f11).

    it could also just be that the hard drive is no longer any good. if thats the case just replace it and run the recovery cds that came with your laptop. if you dont have these cds, take your laptop to Staples for repair since they now carry dell laptops.

    good luck

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    Try Hitting "ctrl / F11" at boot. This will start dells Recovery Manager. Reformat. Or you can call the Geek Squad

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    email Dell

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    take out battery .... and reseat the ram take it out and put it back in then plug it in and see if it fires up

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