What is the difference between calcium channel blockers and beta blockers?

I've heard on the news that they have been testing and found that calcium channel blockers and Ace inhibitors are best used to fight high blood pressure.

I take a beta blocker Atenolol and HZT (Hydrchlorothiazide) for hypertension. Is this the same thing? Of course I will follow this up with my doctor next week but would like some laymen input.

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    Varies from case to case, Ace inhibitors are more on prescription list, However Calcium channel blockers are given as they prevent SVT (Speedy heart rate).

    Your case seems to be of CCF and uncontrollable blood pressure, wuth low working capacity of heart(EF).

    However your doctor is the best judge , he might omit Beta blocker if necessary.

    Nothing to worry, you are going to be alright.

    Source(s): I am a doctor.
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  • ?
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    Calcium channel blockers and Beta Blockers both work for hypertension, they just work a little differently. I have also heard that beta blockers aren't the most effective for very high blood pressure. Depending on the physician and the patient's specific needs, one may be considered preferential over the other. HCTZ is a mild diuretic and many times first line choice for high blood pressure. I think if your Atenolol/HCT is working for you, and you feel okay taking it (some people are fatigued on beta blockers), then you are fine continuing it. If not, a calcium channel blocker may work better.

    Let us know what the doc says.

    Hope this was somewhat helpful.

    Source(s): RN for cardiology group
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  • Linda
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    4 years ago

    Both drugs' uses are not limited to the heart. Beta blockers are also used for anxiety and for migraine. The antihypertensive mechanism of this drug involves in reduction of cardiac output. While calcium channel blockers affects the smooth muscles of blood vessels & neurons. Its main action is to decrease blood pressure by decreasing the force of contraction of the heart muscle and preventing the increase of Ca levels in the heart muscle cells.

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  • 1 decade ago

    a beta blocker slows the heart down but hctz is a water pill it does not affect the heart. Hctz gets rid of the extra water because water retention increases blood pressure because water causes pressure on the blood vessels. Calcium channel blockers prevents calcium ions from getting into cells particulary heart muscle cells.

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