Does it scare you that our education system is so terrible that people don't believe in evolution?


jdbaum, the fact is simply that you have not done your research if you don't realize that tens of thousands of scientists have confirmed most components of evolution through intense research and well-controlled experiments. It has nothing to do with your intelligence, it has to do with how you were not taught how to think about science properly because your schools failed miserably. Remember that your higher power and science do not have to conflict with each other, and you'll get a lot more mileage out of your knowledge and learning.

Update 2:

Try again. You likely haven't even spent 5 minutes studying evolution if you seriously think it states that men came from apes!

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    Yes it does.

    The problem with the anti-evolution movement is that, in the long run, it teaches people an utter contempt for scientists, and for experts in general. This attitude is *FAR* bigger than evolution. It is the same thing that allows people to say:

    * Ignore those doctors when they say that smoking is bad for you.

    * Ignore those environmental scientists who are saying that global warming is a serious problem.

    * Ignore those engineers who say that the levees will hold in New Orleans.

    * Ignore those weapons inspectors who are saying that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

    * Ignore those intelligence experts who keep saying that Saddam had *NOTHING* to do with 9/11.

    * Ignore those historians who are saying that the holocaust happened.

    In other words, this attitude that scientists and experts can be simply ignored when they say thing contrary to what you *want* to believe .... GETS PEOPLE KILLED.

    Our education system is failing. As evidenced by the intellectual giant of a President we've had for the past eight years ... we are well on our way to an idiocracy.

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    Honestly, what scares me is not what people believe religiously, but that creationism and intelligent design are taught as a science. People can believe whatever they want, and when classes study world religion, they can discuss how some people don't believe that evolution occurred. However, in a science class, biology is what should be discussed. If you cannot use a scientific basis to prove or disprove your theory or belief, then don't tell children that it's science.

    The government has completely ignored the scientific community. In terms of the environment, we have the same problem. Politicians are certainly not experts on these topics, and some of them seem to have essentially no understanding of environmental science and global warming. Ironically, conservatives who claim to be religious seem to forget the fact that God wanted man to take care of the Earth, and that it's a sin to be abusing the environment the way they have been. Pretty hypocritical...

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    Ok well, believe is the wrong word. Accept is the proper word. Evolution is science, you either accept it or deny it.

    No. The scary part is that many people are not being taught evolution. That's sad. Cause how in the world do you teach a biology course without including evolution.

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    YES. Very much so. The people that deny it are so close-minded and generally uncultured or uneducated. They've never excelled or haven taken interest in the natural sciences. You cannot deny evolution, but I could write for ages. In the immortal words of the Ukrainian-American evolutionary biologist, Theodosius Dobzhansky: "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution". That should wrap it up for those of us that can comprehend it; the concept is the underlying abstraction for all of biology and the related subjects. Evolution ties is all together; every mutually exclusive thing that we study out of a biology textbook could not have been 'created' independantly. But, as we all painfully know, those sick, bible-humping, conservative, biggot pricks will never See The Light... that we do. I hope that in my generation, those people, their ethos, their general mindset, will be wiped out.

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    It troubles me deeply, as a science educator. There are some great resources at about science education in general, with some attention to this problem in particular. But yes, it's just one indicator of the way we're falling behind the rest of the world in science.

  • John W
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    No, it scares me that so many people have been fooled into believing that the unproven theory of evolution is a fact. Evolution was supposed to be just a scientific theory, but the media and a lot of so-called scientists have turned it into a religion. You said it yourself "believe in evolution". That's a phrase you use in religion, not science.

    For example, there is a theory that says that time is a constant and it would seem to be a fact from our experience here on earth. However, there are other theories, including one by Einstein, that say that time is actually relative to mass and that mass can change the rate at which time passes. Which one is right? Both theories are proposed by eminent scientists.

    Another one is matter. Up until someone invented ways to detect the presence of atoms (you can't acutally see atoms, yet, as they are too small but you can do experiments to prove they exist), everyone thought that all objects were made of one or more of the four elements: earth, fire, water, or ether. Those who first proposed that atoms made up everything were thought to be idiots by everyone else. Now, anyone who thinks that things are made of the four elements are considered idiots.

    It's only a matter of time before those who are so sure about evolution are proven wrong to such a degree they can no longer deny it. There is already plenty of proof that the various theories of evolution are impossible.

    Let's take one for example. The theory that man evolved from apes. This can be defeated by two things, logic and the fact that no "missing link" specimens have ever been found that didn't turn out to be hoaxes. Logic proves my point quite simply: If man evolved from apes, why do we still have apes? Shouldn't they all be people by now? Furthermore, evolution supposedly improves the survivability of the evolving line of creatures in question. Tell me, how does losing a tail, body hair (people are almost entirely bald compared to a monkey), claws, large teeth and grasping feet help a creature survive? If you ask me, the monkeys we still have around now are better equipped to survive than we are. When it's cold, I wish I had a coat of fur that I didn't have to kill some other animal for or go out and buy. Ever had your hands full? Wouldn't it be nice to have a grasping tail? It would be way easier to climb trees if we had grasping feed. Most humans are also no where near as strong as even the weakest ape of nearly proportional size. If a gorilla and a man got into a fight and the man didn't have a gun or at least a knife, he'd die for sure. I don't call that improvement.

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    Absolutely does. Like life just began one day.

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    Scared? No. Disturbed by the grip of religion on our society? YES.

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    Sounds like one more reason for the right wingers to continue to sabotage education which started with Reagan.

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    I lerant about evoultion in highschool last year, but because its only a theory and many peoples religious beliefs contridict it and vice verca it couldnt be tested it was more taught as a theory rather then an explanation,

    it's in te silibus for the uni course i am currently doing i thin its interesting

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